There are few smart ways to protect yourself from the growing threat of becoming victim to a moving company scam and find the best long distance moving services to protect yourself.

Avoid Moving Scams and Get The Best Long Distance Moving Services

The moving industry was deregulated in the early 90’s and has been in shambles ever since. There are a lot of dishonest and sleazy movers who are ready to rip people off. Listed below are the few smart ways you can do to protect yourself from the growing threat of becoming victim to a moving company scam and find the best long distance moving services to protect yourself, your family and everything you own. 

The very first thing that you can do to protect yourself is to hire only licensed movers as regulated by the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA). By dealing with licensed moving companies you are entitled to certain Rights and Responsibilities When Moving as outlined in the Federal Brochure.  A reliable moving company will give you a copy of this document when you are dealing with them. This will make certain you are working with an honest mover rather than a broker. 

While searching for moving companies on Google, don’t trust the junk you read on their website and ask the mover for a phone number to their last three clients. If they are unwilling to do so then you can expect either their service wasn’t so spectacular or they are probably spammers.

You should ask them to provide you with accurate moving company quotes after conducting an in-home survey. If they insist on giving only phone estimates, avoid them. Also, you need to make certain that you get a written binding estimate based on tariff weight and not cubic footage. Paying for the actual weight of your household goods can save you money. Crooked movers will pack your stuff in boxes and charge you for full service and as per cubic foot.

While choosing movers, you should also have a look at their supplies and equipment. While packing your own things is the safest way but if you use a moving service to pack your things you need to make sure they use quality packing materials and supplies. Many unethical movers use special rolls of tape that are shorter and cheaper than regular rolls. They use cheap moving boxes which may not support your stuff and they may under pack boxes in an attempt to use more boxes and space on the truck. Moving blankets, hand trucks and wheel dollies are all the tools of the trade for a professional mover but they are foreign objects to scam movers. So make sure they have the proper equipment and trained staff so that they don’t bust up your furniture or cause any potential harm to your belongings.

The best place to find a moving company is through word of mouth or by using a trustful moving portal like Moversfolder which lists only pre-verified, licensed and insured movers. You can begin by asking your friends and family what movers they have used and learn from their experiences. Secondly, you can put in your moving details on Moversfolder and get a refined list of moving companies as per your search criteria and even get free moving quotes from them. You can compare this list and find the best long distance moving services for your move.

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