Autism can be Treated 100% without medication by Dr. Kailash Mantry
Autism can be Treated 100% without medication by Dr. Kailash Mantry
Autism is caused by deep rooted anxiety, nervous breakdown, mental and emotional breakdown.

Autism is one of the mysterious health problems experienced by many people. While the syndrome starts in the children when they are 3 years in age, it prevents their natural personality growth in many ways. It is mysterious because to date the medical science has not been able to find the exact reasons for the health problem and consequentially no medicines have been invented and the treatments are carried out by the treating physicians using medicines meant for treating similar other diseases like depression and anxiety among others. However, In Mumbai India-based doctor Kailash Mantry has created history by making possible autism treatment without medicine.

”Autism is caused by various reasons like deep-rooted anxiety and nervous, emotional, and mental breakdown. There is also no full-proof test for identifying the disease in people. We conducted comprehensive research on it and arrived at the conclusion that autism can be cured 100% without medicine”, says Dr. Kailash Mantry.

Towards this end, Dr. Mantry and his assistants at Mantry Healthcare in the research designed a highquality mind mapping test. The test is conducted by listing out 50 possible reasons causing autism in a child. An interesting finding of the research is that the child may suffer autism without having any physical or mental defect because the reasons are their parents. For instance; if the mother suffers from stress or anxiety during pregnancy it can get transmitted to the child in the womb. This means that negative emotions of parents can cause autism in the child.

Since no medicine for treating autism has been invented so far the treating physicians use various types of treatments. Such therapies are play therapies, behavioral therapies, occupational therapies, speech therapies as well as ABA, RDI, and sensory therapies. While there are no full-proof diagnostic methods for treating the autism spectrum disorder the treatments can help in addressing the issues preventing the natural personality development of the affected child.

Children suffering from autism spectrum disorders are administered treatments according to their specific requirements. Symptoms can be mild in some cases while they are severe in other cases. Just as every anatomy is unique the symptoms of autism are also unique in each case. Just as there are no universally acceptable symptoms of autism there are also many variations in treatment.

There are various ways of treating autism without using medications and drugs. These include –

  • Behavioral and communication treatments based on applied behavioral analysis usually carried

out in schools and clinics aimed at making the child learn and improve positive behavior and

shelve negative ones;

  • Discrete trial training with simple and positive lessons;
  • Pivotal response training improving the capacity of learning and communicating in the child;
  • Early intensive behavioral intervention that is good for children under 5 years;
  • Vernal behavior intervention developing language skills;
  • A relationship-based approach where parents or doctors get on to the floor with a child playing

or doing other activities they like;

  • Treating through artistic and other communication systems for handicapped children with the

information broken down into small segments;

  • Teaching children on life skills including self-feeding and dressing through occupational

therapies; and

  • Sensory integration therapies helping children getting irritated by bright light, touching body, or

other sense-related issues.

A common feature in all the above treatments is that no medicines are used in any of them.

As no medicines are yet invented specifically for autism treatment the usual practice in the healthcare industry like using medicines like risperidone or Risperdal in combination with behavioral treatments administered on children in the age group of 5-16. However, Dr. Kailash Mantry has come up with the big claim that autism can be treated and cured without using medicines of any type. It comes up as a big relief for parents of children suffering from autism in children. Now they can avail the services of Dr. Kailash Mantry for such treatment of their suffering children.

Dr. Mantry proposes to treat children suffering from autism spectrum disorder through a combination of therapies, behavioral treatments, proper diet, and lifestyle changes. The eminent doctor has worked already substantially in the field administering autism curing without using any medicine. The doctor also shares insight with clients on various related issues. For instance; he insists that during treatment the child should eat only homemade food avoiding junk food.

A question that may be nagging at the back of your mind about autism treatment without medicine as claimed by Dr. Kailash Mantry is real or just hype. A visit to the doctor and his clinic or going through reviews online and in trade journals can convince you about the authenticity of his claim. He has been treating numerous autism patients without using any medicine and has achieved resounding success with positive results. In essence; he has been able to change the viewpoints of many doctors and medical scientists having the opinion that treatment without medicine is impossible.

“Dr. Kailash Mantry uses correct strategies for treating autism patients and we did not find any evidence to deny the authenticity of his claim. We found that the doubts that have been raised in many quarters about autism treatment without medicine are possible following the

strategies formulated by him”, says a critic in a leading medical journal as well as on its website.

The pronounced mission of the Mumbai-based life coach is treating one million patients with autism without medicines. Also to carry on his legacies Dr. Mantry also aims to create at least one lakh life coaches conversant and trained to treat autism without using any medication or drug. To accomplish such an objective he also plans to set up a hospital with ten thousand beds. The eminent physician has already featured in over 50 newspapers and several TV channels explaining his theories of autism treatment without any medicine and has earned many prestigious awards in the healthcare industry.

Dr. Kailash Mantry not only treats autism but also many similar diseases like anxiety and depression, insomnia, stammering, and schizophrenia among others. The mental health consultant and life coach are poised to revolutionize the healthcare industry saving many unwarranted expenses on various medicines making the patients and parents distinctly happy when his theory is converted into practice.

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