Author, Business Consultant and Mom of 4, Melinda Mcalindon Launches Cookbook Titled ‘For the Love’
A cookbook from a challenge to cook a new meal every day of quarantine and created out of a desire to break through the boredom of quarantine.

11/25/20 – Business consultant and author, Melinda McAlindon has proudly announced the launch of her quarantine-inspired cookbook titled ‘For the Love’.

‘For the Love’ is a collection of mouth-watering recipes for the whole family, inspired by flavors from around the world. It was created out of a desire to break through the boredom of quarantine and a challenge to cook a new meal every day of quarantine.

Since it was launched last month, the cookbook has drawn amazing reviews across Amazon especially. One user said, “We were getting so bored of the dinners we were preparing and ordering in was getting too expensive. I saw this recipe book on Amazon and it nailed our challenge”. Another user claims, it is a cookbook containing “Food that makes you want to put aside the cell phone and linger over dinner/conversation. Highly recommended”.

Asked about the inspiration behind the cookbook, author Melinda said, “I decided to create to create this cookbook through the monotony of quarantine. I was looking for a way to spice up the everyday! We had our four kids plus a college student from the Bahamas who couldn’t go home, so we had a full house. No one wanted to eat the same meal every day or week, so I decided we should create a new meal every day. Ideas started to come out from everywhere. It became a game for the whole family”.

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Melinda McAlindon is a business consultant with extensive experience in marketing, sales and finance. Mother of four, Melinda has spent years cooking for friends, families and events to hone their cooking skills. She lives and work out of her home in Arkansas and spends her free time gardening and volunteering.

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