Aspects to consider before Udemy clone app development process
Aspects to consider before Udemy clone app development process
Udemy App Development

E-learning has provided more options for students to learn. They can search for the course they want to learn and choose one based on review & ratings, courses preview, tutors, duration, etc. Let us look at some of the necessary yet essential steps involved in building e-learning app like Udemy:

  • Idea Validation

There are several popular e-learning platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Khan Academy, and so on. There is a need to include unique features and attribute to lure more learners to your app. So incorporate high-end technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to provide a realistic learning experience for the students. 

  • Do a thorough analysis 

It is essential to understand the competitors before stepping into the app development process. Understand the working of major E-learning platforms becomes paramount.

 For instance, Udemy approaches teachers providing them tools to deliver the content. Once the course is complete, they handle marketing and distribution. On the other hand, users can log in to their account, pay for the course, and learn.

  • Decide on the features

Features are one among the core aspects of deterring Udemy clone script success. Here are some of the features that are part of major E-learning apps:

  • Categories

Categories include the overall layout of the courses present in the app. These are segregated into various categories so that users can easily navigate through the website. The sorting options allow users to search based on subject, prices, certification type, expertise level, etc. 

  • Recommendations

This will show suggestions that will include courses that are similar to previously enrolled courses.

  • Payment options

The Udemy clone app should offer a secure payment gateway options for users.

These are the aspects to consider before proceeding to the development process. Entrepreneurs can also opt for a less cost involved path that is getting ready-made E-learning PHP script from Appdupe.