Appealing features to integrate into an e-learning app like Udemy
Appealing features to integrate into an e-learning app like Udemy
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In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, students and working professionals are beginning to take up online courses, as a measure of enhancing their knowledge and spending their self-isolation effectively. This is one of the prominent reasons that contribute to the increasing demand for online educational platforms. Moreover, this has opened up a viable business option for entrepreneurs who are planning to venture into the industry with an e-learning app like Udemy. Ever wondered how certain apps like Udemy gain massive popularity among the masses? Well, this is because they lure the audience with their enticing features. In this blog, let’s look at certain unique features that attract the audience towards your online learning platform. 

  • Courses of multiple streams: Your app must house different courses of varied streams to reach a wider audience. This way, your platform can accommodate a diversified range of people, leading to increased customer engagements. 

  • Indulge users with multiple quizzes: Users find it annoying and exhausting to attend lectures continually. To enhance their mood, you can offer numerous quizzes and assignments throughout their learning journey. 

  • Intuitive leaderboards: You can kindle your users’ competitive spirit by letting them compete with fellow learners. This can act as a significant boost for them to take up the course more seriously and motivate themselves to work hard. 

  • Document sharing: Tutors can share notes with students without any hassles with this feature. This way, students can access their course notes anywhere and anytime. The increased convenience can attract users towards your platform. 

  • In-app chat/call facilities: Users can communicate with their fellow learners through this chat facility. This can lead to increased understanding and knowledge sharing among learners. Besides, users can access tutors 24x7 and clarify their queries with this feature. 

  • Push notifications: This feature is capable of making all the difference in your app. Users can be notified beforehand regarding live sessions, new courses, etc. This is one of the widely-acclaimed functionality to retain users to your platform. 

Wrapping up, 

Features propel your app among the target audience and increase your chances of sustainability to a considerable extent. Integrate these vital features during your Udemy clone app development and gain a stronghold of the market.