Appdupe Review -3 Tips for launching a successful ‘Uber for Trucking’ App in the US Logistics Industry –
Automation technologies changed the logistics industry in the US, leading to its growth in the last few years. On-demand delivery apps have also made it easy to meet the demand of the customers.

Reviews of Appdupe

Gone are the days when we waited long to get our shipment delivered. Waiting for days to receive the shipment demanded the need for a quick and flexible business model. However, the scenario has changed, and we can track our shipment right away with a single tap. Also, same-day delivery is made possible.

Automation technologies drastically changed the logistics industry in the US, leading to its growth in the last few years. As a part of it, on-demand delivery apps have also made it easy to meet the demand of the customers. 

Many backlogs in the industry, such as field calls from unrelenting brokers and late payments, are quickly taken care of with the usage of the on-demand delivery apps. If you’re looking to step foot in the US logistics industry, and all set to develop and launch your ‘Uber for Trucking’ app, then this article is a must-read for you.

Tip #1. Make proper use of job scheduling solutions

The conventional way of having brokers for arranging shipments are time-consuming and expensive. To enable timely delivery of shipments and manage any numbers of vehicles without hassles, make use of job scheduling solutions. These solutions engage in distributing jobs as per the convenience of drivers. Thus, the intervention of mediators and third-party brokers is eliminated, giving the businesses a competitive advantage.

Real-time tracking through geolocation services results in enhanced last-mile delivery, along with transporting shipments on time.

Tip #2. Adopt blockchain technology

The advent of blockchain technology has enabled the logistics industry to rely on digital contracts. The use of this technology advancement in the Uber clone app creates transparency among stakeholders like manufacturers, suppliers, warehouse managers, customers, and others. This enables an efficient way of recording transactions, tracking assets, and managing all documents involved in the logistics process.

Right from warehousing to payments, everything is easily managed by the use of blockchain technology. It also assists in maintaining the history of high-value assets and offers enhanced payment methods along with preventing and detecting thefts. While developing your app, involve blockchain developers that can help you run your logistics business with ease at a low cost. 

Tip #3. Go for interactive feature integration

Interactive add-on features are a must to integrate with the freight app to engage a larger audience. The integration of voice-controlled chatbots assists in various purchase points of the supply chain, from shopping to receiving the shipment. Also, other essential features facilitate the seamless functioning of the app. 

Other add-on features include:

Taking these tips into consideration will help you in launching an app that offers secured transportation and timely delivery of shipments. The evolution of this on-demand truck delivery solution offers seamless processing of shipments. Also, the issues that the US logistics industry dealt with for ages can be resolved with an efficient ‘Uber for trucking’ app on board. 

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