An Introduction To Etherdieum - A One-stop Solution For Premium Cryptocurrency
An Introduction To Etherdieum - A One-stop Solution For Premium Cryptocurrency
Ever since the evolution and development of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, several businesses and entrepreneurs have tried to harness its benefits and make the best of it.

The potential blockchain and cryptocurrency open up are wide and unmatched, providing room for advancements and innovations. And that’s exactly what Etherdieum has accomplished. And not just that, it has expanded and augmented the landscape, proffering users and crypto enthusiasts utility for a wide range of crypto-related services in the likes of our Etherdieum Coin, a robust P2P payment gateway, a fully functioning exchange, and a fairly novel notion within the crypto world - a video telephony application. Very soon, you will experience these utilities and much more, all in one super platform. Hold on tight to your seats!

Etherdieum’s Impeccable Ico Strategy

The Initial Coin Offering proffered by Etherdieum has been strategically planned and analyzed to give you as the users the best we can offer. As mentioned earlier, Etherdieum is not restricted to one functionality. By taking advantage of our ICO, you can enter and enjoy a decentralized world of features like the profitability and mounting value of holding the Etherdieum coin, streamline all your transactions and payments all over the world through the effectual peer-to-peer payment gateway, buy, sell, trade and transact through our salient and staggering crypto exchange platform. 

What more, our feature-filled video telephony application facilitates communication and a whole lot of other features that are sure to keep all users wanting more. Our secure and protected ecosystem has the potential and inherent capability to widen its base into several branches offering a wide array of services. You can be a part of this revolutionary ecosystem by claiming your place in our fast-approaching ICO event and make double the amount of your initial investment.

A Peek Into Etherdieum’s Extensive Features 

Features make or break an application. So we take the features and functionality within our robust structure seriously, offering you the best the latest and trendiest functionalities, making your visit to the platform a permanent stay. Have a peek into some of our prized and momentous features - 

  • Our well-built exchange proffers users the best transaction rates one could ever find within the crypto space, and it is almost like a dream. Crypto trading is expedited in the Etherdieum platform, giving you a quick and seamless experience buying, selling, or trading off assets. What more, our exchange is fabricated keeping in mind you as the user, so affordable prices and ease of use will always be our motto.

  • In these advanced times, automation is the way of life. Therefore to make processing within Etherdieum sleek and efficient, we’ve integrated Smart Contracts. You can now bid goodbye to annoying and nosy third-parties and intermediaries. Our smart contracts have been carefully and acutely coded to grease the wheels of all transactions and processing carried out within Etherdieum’s ecosystem. The automation and facile working this provides guarantees your continued usage of Etherdieum for all crypto and blockchain-related services!

  • Transaction transparency and immutability are something that the Etherdieum platform boasts of. Combined with the staggering efficiency of Smart Contracts, Etherdieum offers you a decentralized environment that is completely transparent, protected, and secure from hacks and breaches, a level of security that surpasses most established projects within cryptocurrency and DeFi. 

Etherdieum’s Token - An Ico Like Never Before!

Like any other new platform on the market, Etherdieum is making a big splash with its well thought out and programmed ICO, giving the public and eager crypto traders a chance to be a part of and experience first hand its prodigious services and prolific use cases. The pre-sale of the coveted Etherdieum token is set to break ground in February, with a token supply of an astounding 2 million. 

The token value is set to commence at a rate of $1, which eventually rises as the ICO phases progress. This is a not to be missed opportunity, as the advantages and profits you’ll savor outweigh the costs. Adding to these copious benefits, referrers and bulk buyers of the tokens are setting themselves up for rewards and bonuses that are warranted to keep them hooked to the platform. 

All You Need To Know About Etherdieum’s Token Distribution

Extensive details on token distribution are out for you to take a deep dive in and understand the division. Apart from the 60% that is up for grabs among private and public users, the rest has been carefully and prudently divided for marketing, product development, legal, exchange listing, and internal operations. To know more about the remuneration and progression of Etheredieum, head over to our website and have a quick look at the roadmap we’ve drawn out, marking our journey.

The ball is in your court now. Leverage the current boom in cryptocurrency with Etherdieum’s multifaceted platform and reap the benefits of our spawning blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem!