Amrita Sen Trend Diamond Tiles Decorative Pillow
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Diamond Tiles Decorative Pillow

Decorative pillows can instantly turn a basic sofa into the extraordinary and a standard bed into a relaxing and more comfortable. They can be charming, funny, comfy, trendy, fancy, fun, or anything else you’d want them to be! Not only do they boost comfort and coziness, but they can double as focal points. To provide you with a little inspiration on Decorative Pillow sizing, placing, and styling.

Pillows of All Shapes and Sizes

Size matters! Think about the size of the pillows in relation to the size and shape of the bed/sofa. Most standard Decorative throw pillows are 18-inch squares, while oversized pillows are usually 26 inches (0.66 m). But an even more oversized pillow is a great way to make a statement without overdoing the number of pillows on the bed. Diamond Tiles Pillows are another great way to fill a space. Try a Diamond Tiles Pillows in the standard 18 × 18 inches (46 cm), or go bigger with a 26 × 26 inches pillow.

Pillow Size Cover

Standard Pillow SizeSuper Standard Pillow Size Queen Size PillowKing Size Pillow Euro Pillow Size
Most Common Pillow Size20” X 26”20” X 28”20” X 30”20” X 36”20” X 26”24” X 24”22” X 22”20” X 20”18” X 18”16” X 16”

Where Should I place It?

Explore endless options for decorating with throw pillows, from creating visual depth of your sofa to adding a plush and cozy touch to your bedroom décor. Discover the best sizes, shapes, and layering techniques for throw pillows, then browse our choice of colors, fabrics, and patterns to find the perfect addition to any space.


A Diamond Tiles Decorative pillow can add a simple touch, while also lending comfort and support to your chair. For larger chairs like armchairs and recliners, pairing a Diamond Tiles Decorative pillow offers the opportunity to play with contrast without sinking your space or feeling cluttered.

On Your Bed

Decorative pillows can add a playful visual element that pairs perfectly with your bedding. Explore unique shapes that stand out from your everyday pillows, and discover contrasting materials, Linen, Polyester twill add a bold and eye-catching touch with rich texture. Instead of decorating your Queen or King sized bed with a few of Decorative throw pillows, Opt-out for a Diamond pillow and use it as the only accent pillow.

On Your Sofa

A long Diamond Decorative pillow makes for an ideal observation piece in the center of your couch. A couch with throw pillows that really pop can completely transform your room.

Gray sofa and armchair with Diamond Tiles pillows

Liven up your gray sofa by using colors that are light and coordinate with the other colors in your living room. Gray pairs well with colors that have a similar tone include similar shades of Navy Red.

Patterns & Textures

Patterns and textures are important for a living room and Bedroom, with pillows a great way to add this depth. For Diamond tiles design, the main color is Navy Red, but it’s used in three different ways: Moss Green Peach, and turquoise Red as an Orange Blue color. This adds a unique look when combining the color of your choice, without making the design look too uniform.

Mix texture and patterns to generate good Look 

The texture is a great way of organizing with patterns while adding depth. The texture is especially ideal for people who don’t love or aren’t comfortable with a lot of patterns. Use solid color, textured fabrics to contrast with the patterns that you’ve chosen. Not only will the textures add dimension to the design, but they’ll also give the eye somewhere to rest and let the focus stay on the patterns so that they make a statement in the room. There are so many textures to choose from – mix them up and have fun.

You should choose a variety of three throw pillows keeping your chosen color scheme in mind. A simple rule of thumb is:

  • Add one solid color, textured throw pillow

  • Add one large or medium scale patterned throw pillow

  • Add one throw pillow with a small scale pattern

Our collection of pillows and Duvet Cover features a wide range of colors, textures, and styles with a little something for every room. Accent your bed with a boldly patterned Diamond Tiles pillow that coordinates with the duvet. Toss a throw in a luxe material such as linen or Polyester twill onto the sofa or armchair to revitalize the furniture.

We’ve curated some of our favorite decorative pillows for you to decorate your home with this season. If you liked these tips, be sure to check our entire Decorative Pillows section here.