Alan Kippax on Achieving Passive Income
Alan Kippax on Achieving Passive Income
Alan Neil Kippax Ways in Finding the Best Prospects.

Alan Kippax on Achieving Passive Income

Best Practices From Alan Kippax

Alan Neil Kippax Ways in Finding the Best Prospects


Alan Neil Kippax believes that in order to create sales in network marketing, you must have potential buyers and these potential buyers must be placed in the selling funnel; once they get to be patrons of your products, you should be able to maintain them.  When saying selling funnel, it means the process of motivating and creating the needs and reasons for your potential buyers to buy your products or services as solutions to their current problems.  It is like you creating the interest for your potential buyers.

Alan Neil Kippax says It’s not that easy
This may sound easy, but there are many steps involved.  The question of where to find the best prospects for network marketing should include… what are the activities involved in prospecting your market?  Alan Neil Kippax suggests…

1.    Buying Leads. 
There are companies selling leads.  The leads could range from free to $.50 USD.  You must evaluate it yourself to decide if these are good leads or not.  The leads usually come from some sort of a database.  Is the information stored in valid databases?  Is this the information you need to prospect potential buyers?  If the answer is yes to both questions, you can say the leads you have are good.
2.    Creating your own leads. 
Make a website that will collect information about your potential buyers.  People search the web for information about solutions to their problems.  It is your responsibility to know these problems and provide answers that will attract people to your website where they might provide contact information. If you don’t know how to create websites, hire someone who does.
3.    Allot regular time for your prospecting. 
Since prospecting is a part of any successful network marketing business, make it a habit to set aside a regular time for it.  Alan Neil Kippax recommends that if your office hours are from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M., you should make 9:00-11:00 A.M. your prospecting time.  During this time, you can think about what techniques are proving successful in your prospecting efforts, consider questions like: What went well?  What went wrong?  How many prospects do you wish to target for the next week and how exactly you are going to do that?  Who will be the people that will be involved in it?  What resources are you going to use in order to make this happened?
4.    Have different techniques for your prospecting.   
Some potential buyers prefer to be contacted by phone while others might prefer a personal conversation.  Some even prefer social media.  Whatever they want, it is necessary that your sales propositions match the preference of your potential buyers.  If you have a website designed to get contact information from your potential buyers, you should ask how they want to be contacted with a written in checklist where they can just simply choose their preference.
5.    Building your referral system. 
The best prospects for your network marketing business will usually be your friends, neighbors and coworkers as well as those of your regular buyers since they are the ones who might react to “word-of-mouth” marketing. They are also the one who could give positive testimonies about the company’s products and services.  You can often motivate all these people with good incentives for referrals.

As a final note, Alan Neil Kippax says that lead generation or prospecting doesn’t encompass only creating sales.  That is only the start. You need to also be able to convert your leads or prospects to potential buyers who are ready to buy, You can do this by creating within them the needs and reasons to buy.  We must also maintain our old customers by recognizing them and providing them loyalty programs.

Alan Kippax Update: Homerun International for Achieving a Passive Income Life
In the business world, there are two types of income: active and passive. Active income is income earned from you actively putting forth your time and effort. Likewise, passive income is income earned from passive activities such as investing. The Alan Kippax update for the networking world provides the foundation which can show you how to build your passive income in an MLM environment.
The Goal
Earning active income requires you run a business or work an ordinary 9am-5pm job. For this, you earn profits and wages to support you and your family. Your life gets stuck in a boring routine. The risk is you may eventually lose your employment or get injured, putting your active income at risk. This is when passive income could save your financial life. While sitting on the side lines, you would have income coming in with a minimum of effort. Alan Kippax and the team can teach you how to make passive income.
To set up passive income, you must initially put forth some time and effort. However, you will find that effort is worthwhile if you keep your eye on your primary goal: building future financial security for you and your family.
Your Guide to the MLM
Since 1994, Alan Kippax has made many sacrifices while attempting to develop the perfect framework for a successful network marketing business. At first, he encountered many obstacles in his efforts to get it right with each business venture. Instead of giving up, he made the decision to keep moving forward, effectively learning from his prior endeavours. Through the power of communication via the Internet, the Alan Kippax update has become a culmination of years of hard work, the result being more than he ever hoped to achieve.
The time leverage system from Alan Kippax’s Treasure Island business has proven to be the key ingredient to what will drive the success of Homerun International. This revolutionary system shows people how they can duplicate their efforts through others and achieve the goal of expansion for the company. By allowing its people the flexibility to grow, the company will be poised to become the top of the network marketing world.
Alan Kippax Update for everyone: A Long Way to Go
If you haven’t realized it yet, it won’t be long before you’ll understand you made the right choice by joining. You need to put your trust in this business and yourself. Success will be yours if you just believe the chance for the success you have been seeking in your entire life has finally arrived.
Finally, The Success!
The goal is setting up passive income. If you properly manage your downlines while wisely investing your earnings, it won’t be long before that 9:00-5:00 job is but a memory. Your passive income will be sufficient enough to assure you a bright and exciting future. As part of the Alan Kippax update, you may later thank you for showing you the path to financial freedom.

To touch people, you must be willing to reach out. Once you have built a connection with someone, you must nourish that relationship with communication.

You have decided! You are venturing into the network marketing business. In that case, you may need this industry Alan Kippax update. Somehow, you will discover that network marketing is like planting a tree and watching it grow into the future. Once that tree gets so big it needs pruning, you will find yourself picking the fruits of your efforts. The Alan Kippax system is waiting for you to make your move. Every business has its own pros and cons; each has its own risk. Getting started will be difficult if you did not do your research. Alan Kippax says being in the game should be enough to keep you hyped up, especially if you are willing to join the world’s fast-growing industry.

Have a business in mind but do not know where to start? You may want to go into the Multi-level marketing business and discover the Alan Kippax system. Multi-level marketing, also known as network marketing, is a popular marketing strategy. This kind of marketing strategy is beneficial to both the company and its salespeople or distributors. It multiplies the marketing effort of the distributors, thus resulting in higher sales output for the company and faster income for the distributors. Additionally, this strategy comes with a possibility of the distributors earning residual or passive income. Passive income for distributors means financial freedom by Alan Kippax.

Alan Kippax says that before you go out and talk to people, you should study and re-study the plan for success set by the company. It is a clear and simple success plan, something that can be easily understood by people who know nothing about network marketing. If you introduce them via the company plan for success, it will become obvious it’s something tangible your prospects can hang their hats on.

In your presentation, you should include your products. Show the product’s best features, those that create value. If possible, you can include testimonials of how your products create satisfied users. While you might brag a little about your downline’s success selling these products, it’s best to let the products speak for themselves.

People love successful people. Successful people who remain humble despite their success are particularly admired. Others want to be like these people. People also love to work with somebody who is enthusiastic about what they are doing. You need to be this person.

Go out, socialize and meet people every day. Alan Kippax likes to go where people go. He is everywhere, talking to people. When you go out, be friendly and look at every person as an opportunity to befriend them. With practice, you will gain confidence in your ability to attract others through nothing more than friendliness. Friends become Distributors, and Distributors build your downline.

Bear in mind, you are offering a great opportunity to people. Thus, you have to be proud of it. You do not want to be begging for anything from others. Instead, you need to understand it’s you who is offering them a chance to improve their lives. Like Alan Kippax, be confident about your position. Share the opportunity, but do not force it on people. Let them decide whether they want to act on it or not.

Just present your business to people properly and professionally. Make it light with no pressure to bear. Leave the decision to them. Those who will seize the opportunity to join you will be the ones who are going to be serious about doing the business. The rest of the people will waste your time.

  • Some will join, some will not. So what! Next!
  • People will reject your overtures, that’s a fact. The network marketing business is not for everybody. Some people are too close-minded. Your best prospects are the ones who can grasp the possibilities. Focus your effort on them. After encountering a no go, you can simply move on to the next prospect.


    Whatever outcome you get from your presentations, be happy. Remember what Alan Kippax offers, “Your job as a network marketer is to keep sharing the business daily.”. Therefore, if you are doing your daily presentations to your prospects, you are doing your job. The results will start coming soon enough.