Agriculture Microbials Market | Global Market Report 2022-28
Agriculture Microbials Market | Global Market Report 2022-28
The latest report by Precision Business Insights, titled “Agriculture Microbials Market” covers complete information on market size, share, growth, trends, segment analysis, key players, drivers, and restraints.

The global agriculture microbials market size was valued at USD 5.8 billion in 2021, growing at a CAGR of 14.4% during the forecast period 2022-2028. Agricultural microbials are microorganisms such as bacteria, fungus, and viruses that aid in agricultural operations such as crop cultivation and soil enhancement. Microbes are a key constituent in a variety of biostimulants that assist increase crop production. They have recently gained popularity as a viable alternative to synthetic agrochemicals. They also exhibit functional excellence that promotes crop growth by boosting nutrient absorption and promoting soil fertility by balancing the soil microbiota. As a result, several governments and market participants are putting more effort into marketing these bacteria as sustainable biochemicals. Farmers' rising awareness and branding are projected to help to the market's development.

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The need for crop intensification and pursuing increased sustainable methods, finding biological options to boost productivity with less environmental impact, or adding to integrated practices to close the crop yields are all creating a market for microbial. Farmers are being pushed to use more improved agricultural systems as urbanization and the quantity of arable land decrease. Aside from the numerous advantages of agricultural microbes, they are known to have lower widespread adoption versus synthetic chemicals. This is frequently due to a lack of understanding and limited commercialization of biologicals. In addition, there are significant issues associated with the usage of microorganisms and the manner in which they are applied. These issues will stifle the market's expansion. In addition to this, the need to feed an ever-increasing worldwide population, as well as the increasing emphasis on sustainable farming techniques, is one of the leading drivers for the Agricultural Microbials Market, as is public concerned about the environmental safety.

The global agriculture microbials market segmentation:
by Type: Bacteria, Fungi, Virus, and Protozoa. 
 2) Function: Soil Amendment and Crop Protection.
 3) Crop Type: Cereals & Grains, Oilseed & Pulses, and Fruits & Vegetables.
 4) Mode of Application: Seed treatment, Soil treatment, Foliar.

The United States has accounted for more than half of the regional share of the market in the year 2020, with North America having the greatest share of the market. The demand for high-quality crop productivity as a result of changing agricultural techniques, and precision agriculture has fueled the expansion of the agriculture microbial products market in North America over the past. The region is pushing the use of microbial products that help to balance the agricultural sector's expansion, which is now dominated by the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to keep large-scale production going.
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There are some major players working in agriculture microbials market, which include BASF SE (Germany), The Dow Chemical Company (U.S.), Novozymes A/S (Denmark), Sumitomo Corporation (Japan), Bayer CropScience AG (Germany), Wilbur Holdings, Inc. (U.S.), Ginkgo Bioworks (U.S.), Syngenta AG (Switzerland), Inocucor technologies Inc. (U.S.), Axter Agroscience Inc. (Canada), and Koppert B.V. (Netherlands) to name a few.

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