MediaMath, the acclaimed independent advertising technology company for brands and agencies

MediaMath, the acclaimed independent advertising technology company for brands and agencies, and LiveIntent, the people-based marketing platform powered by the email address, today announced the full integration of LiveIntent’s nonID into MediaMath’s SOURCE digital media ecosystem.

With the integration of LiveIntent into SOURCE, MediaMath will enable brands to deliver personalized advertising without third-party cookies within LiveIntent’s email exchange and on the open web using LiveIntent’s identifier, nonID. The integration works across devices, channels and platforms, and seamlessly bridges to other Identity solutions, in addition to serving as an attribution tool through MediaMath’s ConnectedID.

“The industry’s approach to addressability – the ability to orchestrate and measure digital ads such that it performs for marketers enough to pay publishers enough – is evolving quickly,” said Joe Zawadzki, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MediaMath. “The completion of LiveIntent’s nonID integration into SOURCE helps our clients scale their cookieless reach and connects their advertising and marketing strategies across funnel and format.”

As we enter a post-third-party cookie era, first-party identity promises a more accurate, privacy-friendly, portable model with higher data fidelity across the programmatic supply path than the expiring third-party model. The identifier at the center of the innovation, the nonID, was developed by LiveIntent to bridge publishers and brands to the ecosystem using the power of the email address. The nonID is open and connects to all Identity offerings and solutions. The nonID connects the first-party data of publishers and marketers and makes it actionable within any technology partner they choose. It solves the challenges around identifying web users, targeting custom audiences, and measuring outcomes outside of walled gardens and without the use of third-party cookies.