A Speedy Solution With Zed Run To Scale Up Your Business Efficiently
NFT Game like Zed Run

Gaming platforms are highly impressive in their functions and also see a highly competitive audience traction for the apps are on par. With such a responsive market, NFT Gaming platforms like Zed Run are highly popular. Apart from the regular gaming platforms, these portals are highly lucrative for their ability to gain increased revenue. 


At INORU, we help you launch a similar Zed Run Clone at ease with high compatibility and efficiency. We provide you with the white-label solution to build your platform that is backed and empowered by blockchain technology. This makes your platform highly compatible and competitive with its high-security ecosystems. 


Listed below are a few Components of Zed Run like Platforms


1. The marketplace provides the user to convince list their collectibles and assets in their platform for sale and auction. It is open for in-app purchases. 


2. Through the process of Breeding, user can create new horses apart from the already existing horses in the platforms. In the breeding process, the level of performance, capabilities, and other attributes can be improved to increase the winning chances of the horse. 


3. The platform allows the users to race the horses that are bred in the platform. All the information regarding the race and details of the horses are all listed in the racing component. 


4. All the details regarding rarity, availability, bloodline, scarcity, abilities and other factors of the horses are listed in the attributes section for the users to analyze and understand. 


5. There are private notification options for the users to get timely intimations on the races and details of the races. 


Apart from these features, at INORU, we provide you space to conveniently inbuilt all the necessary details, features, and functionalities. Thereby helping you develop a unique NFT gaming Platform with increased functionality. 


Get started with the process of developing your Zed Run Clone with INORU and, with an efficient platform, take it to new heights with increased user traction and revenue streaming opportunities