A brief guide to develop an e-learning app like Udemy
A brief guide to develop an e-learning app like Udemy
E-learning app like udemy

E-learning apps have changed the way students learn. People can learn subjects of their choice through these learning apps. At present, 90% of the corporates use e-learning platforms for training their employees in the domain. Schools, universities, and other educational institutions value the courses as they have provided learners with in-depth knowledge pertaining to that domain. 

According to BusinessWire, the global e-learning market will be worth $50 million by 2026, with an annual growth rate of 15% between 2020 and 2026. Considering these favorable prospects, it will be worth investing in the e-learning PHP script. Once you have researched and validated your idea, you will need a full-fledged team to develop the e-learning app.

The development team required to build the app are the following:

  • Project Manager

  • Android developer

  • iOS developer

  • UI/UX designer 

  • Quality Assurance Engineer(s)

  • Data Analyst

The team should be chosen in a manner that they have prior experience in developing an e-learning app like Udemy so that they know the nuances to focus on.

Fundamental features to consider during e-learning app development

  • Registration & profile management: The entire list of learners and instructors who are part of the app are visible. Upon clicking particular users, the activities related to them will be listed.

  • Content & course management: Admin can regulate the content published in the app.

  • Dashboard: Users can view the overall layout of the app on the dashboard. This tab has details related to the revenue earned, partnerships, etc. It offers the admin overall control over the functioning of the app.

  • Search engine: This feature assists in navigation, using which learners can locate the course they require.

  • Filter: Learners can sort the course list based on duration, course fee, and many more.

Udemy app development undertaken by Appdupe comprises both fundamental and advanced features. Entrepreneurs can get a complete package by investing in these solutions.