6 Reason Why You Should Consider Picking Up E Trader License Dubai
6 Reason Why You Should Consider Picking Up E Trader License Dubai
E trader License dubai is intended for home-based persons or businesses provide things and services via social media platforms like Instagram.

E trader Licence dubai is intended for home-based persons or businesses provide things and services via social media platforms like Instagram.

Department of Economic Development (DED) developed the E- trader license in Dubai to control the sales of online goods marketed through social media networks.

This rule helps to restrict the trade of bogus products and commodities through social media. T

The license also functions as a confidence booster for the consumers or purchasers who participate in online purchasing through different social media platforms.

By receiving an e-trader license in Dubai, you may participate in selling items or services for sale on social media.

If you are going to work from home utilizing social media platforms and don’t want to acquire an office, then an e trader license dubai is the right alternative to flourish your company. While the Dubai e-trader license permits you to Business setup in dubai, to offer your goods or services in other Emirates, you need to seek separate clearance from the appropriate DED authorities.

Who should apply for an E trader license in Dubai?


The people and home-business enterprises that advertise and sell things online through websites or social media may seek an E trader license.

All online sales through a legitimate social media account need an E-trader license.

This applies to moms and housewives who remain at home and participate in the sales of hand-made things, fashion apparel, jewelry, and other goods and services through different internet platforms.

E-trader license in Dubai is appropriate for the home-business pursuits for whom office space need is not necessary since Ejari paperwork is meaningless here.

E-trader license is appropriate for freelancers that provide different online services. A Home-based firm run by a single person that does not demand a local partner may apply for an E trader license in Dubai.

E trader license dubai is suitable for selling products and commodities through E-commerce websites.

It is required for the license applicant to be either a UAE citizen or a GCC country. Other than UAE and GCC citizens, overseas expatriates of specified other nations are also permitted to apply for the license.

The candidate should live in Dubai and should fulfill the minimum age requirement of 21 to apply for the E trader license.

Benefits of E trader license in Dubai

Acquiring an e-trader license in Dubai provides multiple advantages for those persons who wish to lawfully sell or advertise items and services via different social media platforms such Instagram, Facebook, or on a personal website. Additional than this, an e-trader license in Dubai gives various other advantages including:

E- trader license instills client trust and fosters trouble-free online commerce.

Licensing adds validity and authenticity to online business and E-commerce.

E trader license grants a person the legal power to promote or sell a product through different online channels including websites and other social media platforms.

Home-based company owners receive a good chance to take part in events and exhibits and demonstrate their products and services.

The e trader license holder may sell the goods through numerous E-commerce websites like

The holders might profit by engaging in the E trader training program sponsored by the DED.

The online license preserves Intellectual property and trade name

E- trading license – things to remember

The E- merchant license is Emirate-specific. This implies that the E- trader license is given in Dubai cannot be utilized for trading in other Emirates.

If you have intentions to market a product to other Emirates, you need to acquire separate authorization from concerned DEDs. And for this, you need to get another E- trading license.

UAE and GCC residents may participate in both commercial and professional transactions through social media profiles.

This implies that they can offer tangible items and commodities along with services through social media platforms. There are various limits for foreign enterprises about internet sales.

Expat entrepreneurs are not authorized to participate in commercial business but may supply professional services.

The eligibility for license issues and the kind of trade activity is depending on the nationality of the ex-pat entrepreneur. The information on them will be disclosed after license registration.

How to apply for an E trader license in Dubai, UAE

The E trader license registration is a straightforward and straightforward procedure. You may pursue the same by enrolling at the DED Trader website.

Visit the DED Trader website and establish an account. Furnish your data about your social media account. Pay the licensing money after registration.

The Dubai E Trader licensing price is AED 1070. It is required to renew the license yearly.

Take advantage of the tremendous E- Commerce potential of Dubai. For difficulties and inquiries about the E trader license in Dubai, please get in touch with Connect Business Center.

Purpose of E Trader License in UAE

Social networking has offered opportunities to explore company ideas sitting at homes too. While utilizing social media as the platform for business, individuals will not have to spend extravagant amounts in establishing the firm and selling the items.

They can spread the word about the company via social media channels successfully. It will work as both a marketing tool and an interaction between the company owner and the customer.

The E trader license UAE is developed to govern the economic operations occurring via social media platforms. You must obtain an e trader license dubai to begin commerce using social media. The authority has devised a mechanism for issuing the subject license.

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the authorized agency to pursue applications and grant the license. It is termed a DED Trader license or simply Trader License.

Initially, the e-trading license was restricted to Emiratis and GCC nationalities staying in Dubai alone. Viewing the rising desire from emigrants, the authorities decided to give the e-trader licensing option to ex-pats also.

An ex-pat, over 21 years of age, residing in Dubai may apply for the license.

It sparked excitement among the expatriate population in the nation. However, the limits placed on ex-pats have produced misunderstandings.

There are two categories of e trading licenses in Dubai, viz. Commercial License and Professional License. Although an Emirati or the GCC employee may apply for both the licenses, an ex-pat can apply for the professional license alone.

This confines the commercial duties of foreigners to offering professional services like make-up artists, modeling photography, etc. Expatriates cannot trade, or make and sell things.

Discuss your e-trader license now with our trained staff. We can provide you with competent guidance on the DED trader license and carry out the formal procedure on behalf of you.

Who Really should Submit For Such DUBAI E-TRADE LICENSE?


Basically, everyone is regarded as a recipient of this licensing advantage as long as your resident status is legitimate.

However, here are the several groups of persons who could find the E-trading better convenient:

Remain-at-home moms or homemakers who have elected to remain at home and look for jobs.

This license becomes a significant privilege to demonstrate their abilities, craftworks, or services.

Freelancers - they utilize this medium to communicate to those who desire to employ them for a certain assignment.

Startup firms that have yet to produce enough revenue to recruit or create an office.

Entrepreneurs claim they generate leads or revenues by dealing online.

It is vital to remember that more than one individual could be registered underneath one license.