Horace Tempo is one of the best music maker in Africa
Horace Tempo is one of the best music maker in Africa
Yes, my track "SELF" has gained over 700 million streams in one year. It is an uplifting and powerful song that was written and recorded by me, in the month of May Horace Tempo become one of the Best Music Producer in Europe.

Music maker in Africa- Horace Tempo

According to his assertion, "You cannot change the music's uniqueness. The genres that originate from Africa is a distinct genre anywhere in the world as best music maker in Africa. It was a matter of perseverance for the music of Afrobeat to become a recognizable genre that is now part of top genres such as Pop. Amapiano is also riding its rise. The next wave of sounds will be coming from Africa and you'll never be able to miss it. The new discoveries in the world are connected to fashion and information. The future is looking bright for African pop culture."

"Very extremely promising. I see more music school openings, more music events that expose artists, and more mentors eager to support emerging artists emerge with a strong foundation," he added. Horace Tempo who was born Horace Wangnin Saizonou is a rising best music artist Horace tempo who usually creates instrumental tracks to establish an identity unique to the world of music. Tempo recently released a brand-new track