Here are 3 New Spotify Home Features that Make Searching Easier
Here are 3 New Spotify Home Features that Make Searching Easier

Here are 3 New Spotify Home Features that Make Searching Easier

Spotify announced three new features for Home. This feature is claimed to be able to make navigation and search simpler.

Spotify as usual is still actively tweaking its platform. Like last February, the platform was caught testing a new look in the Android app Library.

Although there was a dispute with KakaoM some time ago that caused hundreds of K-POP songs to be lost, this problem did not stop Spotify from innovating.

For example, this March, Spotify announced that it would be rolling out 3 new features for Home. This feature is said to be able to improve the user experience and make navigation and search easier.

What are the New Features on Spotify Home?

Quoted from Spotify Premium Apk, these three new features are only for the Android and iOS versions of Spotify and will be released globally starting this month.

Play Music Ever Heard

It's a 'Recently Played' button that's been reworked and improved. With this change, you can open the history of listening to songs from 3 months ago.

Well, there you can find all the songs you've listened to in the last three months. This feature will be available to all Spotify Premium and Free users globally.

Before this feature existed, if Spotify users wanted to listen to a song, they could only search for it through their playlists, albums, or where they played them.

Open New and Unfinished Podcasts


This second feature is specifically for global Spotify Premium app users. Later, you will be able to see the latest podcast episodes from the Home hub .

New podcast episodes will be marked with a blue dot. While the episodes you've watched will display a progress bar, to show how far you've seen the episode.

Discover More Music

Just like the second one, this feature is also intended for Spotify Premium users. So far, Premium subscribers have been able to open all the songs on Spotify. But with this new feature, Spotify will help you see 'more' songs that are there.


Later, you will see a new display above the Home hub. This view is created to recommend songs that are more suited to your taste.