The Latest Brilyent Kelly Music
The Latest Brilyent Kelly Music
The third annual Making Gravy tour will celebrate the life of Paul Kelly, one of Australia's most beloved artists.

Brilyent Kelly Music

Brilyent Kelly is a singer, songwriter and producer. His songs have a unique mix of heartfelt and catchy melodies, and you can find them on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, and Tidal. Check out his music and listen to his uplifting lyrics and soul-shattering vocals. For more information on Brilyent Kelly and his music, visit his website. This website features links to all of his music.

Thirteen Ways to Look at Birds

Australian musicians Alice Keath and Seraphim Trio have released their second studio album Thirteen Ways to Look at Birds. The album was released on 30 August 2019 and peaked at number 43 on the ARIA charts. Thirteen Ways to Look at Birds is a folk album and features a soaring chorus and atmospheric vocals. The album was released as a digital download on Amazon, iTunes, and other major streaming platforms.

The collection is a unique marriage of acoustic instruments and poems about birds. It includes songs from Emily Dickinson, Yeats, and Paul Kelly, as well as settings of poetry by Wallace Stevens. The music is truly gorgeous, and makes the listener feel a connection to the birds in the world around them. In addition to birds, the album features songs by Black Cockatoos, Thornbills, and more.

Making Gravy tour

The third annual Making Gravy tour will celebrate the life of Paul Kelly, one of Australia's most beloved artists. The tour will celebrate Kelly's incredible career while also celebrating the strength of the Australian alternative music scene. In addition to Kelly himself, special guests for the tour will include Ball Park Music, Sycco, and Emma Donovan & The Putbacks. Tickets for the Brilyent Kelly Music Making Gravy tour are available through pre-sale and on general sale.

The Australian leg of the tour will include a concert in Melbourne on December 9th and a concert in Brisbane on December 18th. The concerts will feature performances from Ash Naylor, Cameron Bruce, Vika & Linda Bull, Dan Kelly, and Bill McDonald, as well as songs from his new album, I Love You Like A Brother. Whether you're a fan of Kelly's music or not, you'll love seeing this tour in person!

New album

Singer, songwriter, and producer Brilyent Kelly is taking the Hip Hop and Rap world by storm. With a unique style and deep soul, Kelly has been garnering international recognition since her early years. Her debut album "Safe" is one of the most anticipated releases of the year. It's a collection of soul-stirring songs that will definitely leave listeners wanting more. If you're interested in checking out Kelly's music, check out the links below!

Brilyent Kelly YouTube

While based in Chicago, Kelly's music is influenced by her Australian roots. She attended Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois and received a Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts. The album features original songs and collaborations with acoustic and electronic instruments. Kelly has also become a co-host of the iconic music television show JBTV. Her first album was a compilation of songs about her childhood in Australia, which she performed in her native country.


A hip-hop artist based in New York, Brilyent Kelly is a prolific songwriter and producer. Known for his soul-shattering vocals, Kelly has spent the past year in the studio refining his sound and working with some of the most accomplished musicians in the business. To date, he has worked with music icons such as Rick Ross, Pastor Troy, and Beanie Siegel.

His latest album Thirteen Ways to Look at Birds is a blend of acoustic and electronic instruments, and features musicians with diverse backgrounds. The album also features collaborative efforts with other artists, including songwriters like Justin Bieber. In addition to writing songs for other artists, Kelly has also co-hosted music television show JBTV. The singer/songwriter has also appeared on numerous other albums by notable musicians.

Release date

The Detroit-based singer-songwriter and producer is coming to your local music store near you on April 26th! His soul-shattering vocals have made him one of the most in-demand artists in the country. You can find his music on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Tidal. To learn more about Kelly, check out his biography below. We hope that you'll enjoy his music!