Top 5 Stages Involved in International Freight Forwarding Process
Top 5 Stages Involved in International Freight Forwarding Process
Do you know how international freight forwarders in Dubai help reduce the stress related to the shipping process. Here are the 5 steps involved.

International freight forwarding is a complex process of shipping goods from one place to another that includes several stages. Shippers handle different types of goods to transfer from one point to another. Before you partner with an international freight forwarder in Dubai, you must be aware of the several stages your goods go during the journey. Here are the top steps involved when you choose to ship your goods from one point to another.


Export Haulage


One of the first steps involved in the freight forwarding process is export haulage. Under this, the logistics companies like SLR shipping services collect goods from the Shipper's place and store them in a warehouse. Your shipping process begins when your goods reach the warehouse. The shipping companies are well-versed in the various rules and regulations to help your goods arrive safely and effortlessly.


Export Customs Clearance


Another crucial step on our list is the customs clearance process. If you do not want to get your goods stuck at the customs stage, a reliable international freight forwarder in Dubai is all you need. With the help of their expertise and knowledge in the logistics industry, they can easily get your goods to pass through the customs stage.


Origin Handling


As soon as your goods pass through the customs clearance stage, your freight forwarding company in Dubai ensures that your goods are safely moved from the point of origin. The goal is to safely move your goods from the point of origin by safely and securely loading them on the carrier.


Destination Handling


As your goods reach the destination port, the international freight forwarders in Dubai unload the goods from the carriers safely to ensure the consignment's safety. Here the freight shipping companies are responsible for any damage or losses of your goods. That is why choosing a reliable company for your shipping of goods is a must.


Import Haulage


Another most crucial step in the logistics process is import haulage. Under this, the freight forwarding company in Dubai carries the goods from the destination warehouse to the point of delivery. Also, the shippers can choose whether they want the goods delivered to any specific location, or they'll pick them up on their own. It all depends on the agreement signed by the consignee.




You can understand how many stages your shipment goes during the shipping journey with the above points. With the help of the international freight forwarders in Dubai, like SLR shipping services, it becomes a lot easier to get your goods delivered from one point to other smoothly.