Freight Forwarders Vs. Customs Broker | Key Differences
Freight Forwarders Vs. Customs Broker | Key Differences
Both freight forwarders in Dubai and customs brokers are entirely different concepts used n the shipping industry. Here are the top key differences.

When shipping goods, you will come across many terms that might confuse you. However, you need to have complete knowledge of the different circumstances to make your transportation journey easier. Both freight forwarders in Dubai and customs brokers are the two most important terms of the shipping industry. Many times, the shippers confuse the two and end up in losses. Here we will help you learn the significant differences between freight forwarders and customs brokers. Let us find out:


What is the Role of a Customs Broker?


While shipping your goods internationally, you must go through the customs clearance process. The customs clearance stage is believed to be the most complex stage for the shippers. Most shippers face customs clearance issues due to a lack of knowledge and proper documentation and get their goods stuck in the process. A customs broker's role is to ensure that the goods pass through the customs clearance stage quickly by providing proper documentation.


What is the Role of Freight Forwarders?


Freight forwarders or the Logistics companies like SLR shipping services act as an intermediary between the shippers and carriers. In short, we can say that they take complete responsibility for the goods to reach from the initial stage to the final destination. There are several services available in Dubai, and however, the best freight forwarding company in Dubai helps you get your goods delivered. They help ensure that the goods can easily reach their destination without delays or disruptions.


Major Point of Differences Between Freight Forwarders and Customs Broker


Service: If you are someone without any expertise in the logistics industry, a freight forwarder will help you get the goods delivered on time. While a custom broker merely enables complete the customs clearance stage, all their efforts are directed towards fulfilling the customs stages.


Tracking: The role of freight forwarders in Dubai is to ensure the goods reach safely from one point to another. For this, they offer live tracking facilities to their customers. While on the other hand, the customs broker doesn't have any responsibility for the good's safety and security. All they need to do is ensure that goods pass smoothly from the customs stage.


Paperwork: Another great advantage of partnering with the best freight forwarding company in Dubai, like SLR shipping services, is they manage all the paperwork efficiently without needing to hire a customs broker separately.