All You Must Know About Commercial Shipping Services
All You Must Know About Commercial Shipping Services
Do you want to know in detail about commercial and residential shipping services? This detailed blog will help you learn everything about commercial shipping.

The Shipping Industry is full of terms you are yet to discover, and commercial shipping is one of them. As the name suggests, it involves the final delivery of goods to businesses. Under this, goods are shipped using commercial shipping services in Russia to the non-residential areas. Under this blog, we will help you learn everything about commercial shipping and why it is different from residential shipping. Let us begin:


What is Residential Shipping?

Under this, goods are delivered to the residential areas using small trucks to enter cluttered residential areas easily. It can include a variety of shipping services to fulfill residential needs. The shippers should choose residential shipping when they need to deliver goods to the shipping areas located in the residential neighborhood.


What is Commercial Shipping?

Under this, shippers send goods using commercial shipping services in Russia to businesses, government institutions, and other non-residential areas. This kind of service typically involves two categories: Less Than Truckload Shipping (LTL) or Full Truckload Shipping (FTL). It is among the most sought-after shipping services by businesses who want to send extensive goods at frequent intervals.


Residential Vs. Commercial Shipping: Which is More Expensive?

Have you ever thought about why commercial shipping is more affordable than residential shipping? As commercial areas spread out wider, shippers don’t require much to invest in fuel costs, traffic delays, and higher wear and tear in vehicles. Further, commercial shipping offers both shippers and shipping services in Russia to save costs. These areas are usually spread out in more expansive locations where all overhead expenses are comparatively less.


Winding Up

There are several shipping companies out there offering commercial shipping services in Russia. However, SLR shipping services are the best option if you are looking for the most affordable and reliable commercial shipping options. Their industry experience and knowledge can help your goods be delivered quickly at cost-effective prices.