Air Freight: Everything to Know About
Air Freight: Everything to Know About
Do you want to choose air freight for your shipping process? Here is what you need to know about air freight in this detailed guide.

Air Freight is a process shipper that adapts to transport their goods via air. There are several circumstances when you need to get your goods delivered quickly and cannot depend on the other shipping methods. That is where the need for a cargo company in Dubai arises to ship your goods using air shipping methods. Before you send your goods using the air freight method, you need to learn about everything related to the air freight method. Here's what you need to understand first:


Why Choose Air Freight?


Quick Delivery Process

As you ship your goods through Air Freight using a reliable Dubai Cargo Service such as SLR shipping services, you will get your goods delivered within time. Here you don't have to wait for a week to get your delivery; instead, it will take only a few days. The air route helps reduce the stress of shippers and delivers their goods at lightning speed.


Reliability and Safety

If we talk about the most reliable shipping options, air freight always comes on top of the list. Partnering with a cargo company in Dubai adds an extra layer of protection for the shippers as they can get their goods delivered quickly and safely. With the strict security measures followed by freight forwarders and airport staff, shippers can quickly get their goods at the best prices. Your package goes through several security checks to protect your goods from damage and losses.


Less Storage Requirement

When choosing the top Dubai cargo services, such as SLR shipping, you don't have to worry about warehousing space. Also, you don't have to store goods for a longer time in air freight, and thus there will be fewer storage requirements. With less need for storage space, the cost of warehousing is also reduced.


Why Should You Avoid?


Limited Volume

The most significant disadvantage of air freight is the limit on shipment volume. Unlike sea freight, where you can quickly ship loads of goods at once, here you have a limit on the shipment volume. You cannot ship goods of any size and volume with air freight using Dubai Cargo Services, and that is why it is an ideal option for sending a small shipment.


Weather Impact

There are a lot of issues shippers face during their shipment, and unexpected weather conditions are always the first. Any uncertainties hugely impact the air freight process in the weather. When you partner with a cargo company in Dubai like SLR shipping services, they always prepare a contingency plan to overcome the delays.


Limit on Product Type


There are so many restrictions on the air freight process. Airfreight is not for you if you deal with flammable products, biochemical products, lithium batteries, etc. The cargo goes through several security checks, and it won't be easy to transport such goods.