4 Interesting Facts to Learn About Shipping Containers
4 Interesting Facts to Learn About Shipping Containers
Do you know how logistics companies in Dubai manage shipping containers while dealing with this heavy demand. Read these 4 interesting facts.

When understanding shipping containers, the first thing you’ll learn is about container shipping. Whether you are a business transporting your raw materials from other parts of the world or an individual who simply wants to move their stuff abroad, all you need is reliable logistics companies in Dubai to ship your goods. The logistics field depends heavily on shipping containers. So, a thorough knowledge of the shipping containers is essential. Let us help you understand them in detail:


Selected Variety


If you have transported your goods before, you must know how easily you can choose the type of containers for your needs. A selected variety of shipping containers is available in limited sizes, such as 20” and 40”. For different purposes, you can choose accordingly, such as open-top, flat-rack, open-storage, refrigerated, dry, and insulated containers. The logistics companies in Dubai, like SLR shipping services, help you choose the right ones for your needs to move your goods effortlessly.


Different Container Uses


Have you ever wondered whether the containers are used merely for shipping purposes? The answer is ‘NO.’ There are multiple ways businesses use containers for different needs. Though, it is one of the primary purposes of shipping containers. However, it is also sometimes used for various purposes, including equipment storage, construction site storage, makeshift offices, etc. You can take the shipping container rates from your logistics providers to get fair deals based on your needs, and they can help you negotiate at the best possible prices.


Not All are Interchangeable


Many people who ship for the first time believe that all shipping containers believe. However, contamination is a big concern for many shippers dealing basically in agricultural and chemical products. While asking your logistics providers about the shipping container rates, you must make sure that you ask for a new container for shipping food products. Suppose the container you will use for your food products has been previously used for transporting chemical products. Now even a single patch of the chemical can contaminate the whole consignment. So be very careful while choosing your type of container.


Lost Containers


There are many exciting facts about shipping containers only a few people know. Even after solid security measures and strategies, many containers are lost every year due to unspecified reasons. Most of them are during the overseas shipping process. The logistics companies in Dubai, like SLR shipping services, lose several containers every year due to floods, ship breakdowns in the middle of the sea, fire breakdowns, etc.