How to Market on Instagram to Get More Engagement
How to Market on Instagram to Get More Engagement
Marketing on Instagram revolves around building followership and raising an engaged audience out of that.

Engagement is the backbone of conversions, and if you're looking for sales or actions, you will solely rely on that to reach your goals.

Due to how important having engaged followers can be, we're going to explore nine things you should do in this article to get more of them.

Aim for the Peak Times

Research the best times to post and make sure you make it a part of your content strategy.

If you post your content when a significant portion of your followers are active, they will be in the best position to see and interact with it.

Post timing may vary from one region to another; it depends on your location, time zone, and the habits of your target audiences. 

Generally, you might want to consider working, sleeping, and other hours or days on which most people are busy and refrain from publishing during that period.

Leisure time, early morning, and evening are the most productive times in posting content for the best exposure and engagement.

If you're confused about your publishing schedule, get insights about your most active days and hours from your analytics; you can do so via your business Instagram account.