3+ Great Examples For Best Gaming Blogs (2022)
3+ Great Examples For Best Gaming Blogs (2022)
Are you just looking for gaming blogs or also looking for inspiration?
Whether you want to learn more everything about games?
If you want to be a great gamer learning that is must for you. Why many top gamers run a blog or reading blogs daily. Why you not do the same.
I've prepared 5+ best gaming blogs list that can help you to achieve your gaming goals you have to set.

3+ Best Gaming Blogs (2022)

The process of finding gaming blogs is very difficult for us, These days everyone can consider themselves a best gaming bloggers

I have found 5+ best gaming blogs with high quality and valuable information about different gaming information. I hope you will inspired and find information you need.



Kotaku is one of the longest standing gaming reviews blog, that is covering every type of topics about video games reviews to daily news. Supporters of the blog fill each post with clever humor. It was part of the Gawker Media organization and launched in 2004 however went through a change in 2019. The blog is not difficult to explore, so even newcomers can track down the thing they're searching for.


Main topics covered: gaming, news, reviews, cosplay, impressions
Worked with: Express

The main source of income: affiliate marketing, collaborations, product sales like gaming pcs,  gaming products


2. Wolf’s Gaming Blog

This blog creator was only a normal person with interests in gaming and tech when he began running the blog. With time, interest in what the future held spiked, driving top organizations to make manages him. Despite the fact that he currently laments the blog's name, he doesn't lament staying with it.Look at it to discover some new information about gaming consistently.

Main topics covered: Xbox, PlayStation, Desktop games, VR, reviews, interviews
Built with: WordPress
The main source of income: donations, advertising, collaborations



3. That Video Game Blog

That Video Game Blog consists of more than 20 specialists on gaming, This group endeavours to convey the help that you want for gaming and the most recent news and surveys about top games. You can likewise look through certain articles assuming those are more your favorite.

Main topics covered: Xbox, PlayStation, PC games, reviews, gear, news
Built with: WordPress
The main source of income: advertising, collaborations


Attack Of The Fanboy, Niche Gamer, Gamer Informer and The Game Fantatics is also best gaming blogs.