Deal with best quality Gloss Meter manufacturers and suppliers
Deal with best quality Gloss Meter manufacturers and suppliers
For various industries like paint and coating, plastic, and packaging industries, the measurement of gloss is a necessary part. This is because this will help them to maintain the visual quality of products. If you are searching for the best testing instrument that can be used to measure the gloss of various test samples, then we suggest you go with a gloss meter from Testronix.

Gloss Meter-Paint Gloss Meter

Are you still looking for a best quality Gloss Meter testing equipment and you cannot find anywhere such an instrument which is upgraded with the latest model and extra functions? Presto Gloss Meter is based on the latest technique and extra features which are easy to use and handle. This is a great tool used in paint and coating, plastic, and packaging industries for testing, which does its job well. We know presto for its unique design and best quality Gloss Meter Manufacturers in India.

Paint Gloss Meter is used to test the gloss of different kinds of materials such as ceramics, paper, paint, metals, and plastics. The device is highly portable, accurate, sensitive, and compact which is available in different models basically for laboratory testing purposes. It has a handy battery-operated model which is provided with various measuring geometrical angles i.e. 20 degrees, 60 degrees, and 85 degrees. The testing device is used to measure the whiteness or brightness of plantation white sugar as well as to measure the reflectance of fabrics. The instrument offers excellent correlation with visual gloss or shining of the flat object. 


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