Types of plywood in India | Gurjone
Types of plywood in India | Gurjone
Gurjone Helps you to choose one of the best types of plywood in India. Gurjone has listed out all the types of plywood that are available in India and helping you to choose the perfect type on your project.

Types of plywood in India | Gurjone


Plywood in simple words is thin layers of wooden sheets stuck together to form a thicker sheet. It is especially engineered wood that is used for various home and office related furniture. Plywood is used in almost all spaces. There are many Types of plywood in india.

Some of the most famous types of plywood in India are-

  • Softwood

  • Hardwood

  • Tropical

  • Aircraft

  • Decorative 

  • Flexible

  • Marine

Plywood is extensively used in many furniture and other office and industrial spaces. It is als used in home interiors. There are many Types of plywood in India and Some of the most common uses of them are- 

  • If anywhere firm, strong material is needed then it is necessary.

  • As high quality layered wood material it is used. 

  • Resistance to bend, split, break, crack, twist, warping made it important for construction and furniture making. 

  • For outdoor uses. 

  • For space shipping, aviation since 1939. 

  • Low moisture plywood used for different purposes like ship making. 

  • For making surfaces shaped curved, u, or folded plywood is used as the grains of plywood are easier to bend than normal wood. 

  • To make the interior surface of the skating ground this is used. 

  • Used for different interior games stadium. 

  • For ship construction. 

  • For space or aviation parts making.