Piston Compressor
Piston Compressor
The key to making sure your air compressor gadget can perform at its maximum efficiency, anywhere and whenever you want it to is all withinside the oil. Optimal common usual overall performance is counting on selecting the proper oil for your particular solution.

Piston Compressor

The key to ensuring your air compressor system can carry out at its most efficient, everywhere and each time you need it to is all withinside the oil. Optimal average overall performance is relying on choosing the right oil for your piston compressor. Our specialists at Gut are absolutely organized with the knowledge and knowledge to consciously cater our lubricants and coolants to optimize the productivity of your compressor. This lets in for reliable average overall performance and decreased safety fees due to a whole lot much less need for replacement. 

Genuine OEM Oils vs Third Party Oils:

Our considerable form of real OEM air compressor oils has many benefits besides the obvious lubrication they provide. Some of these embody the cap's potential to withstand immoderate pressures and temperatures and a long, relied-on life span.

However, their most massive advantage is that they have been designed, artificial, and approved for artwork efficaciously and reliably, hand in hand, with our compressor systems. Although probably more high-priced than 1/3 birthday party alternatives, long-term, they promise extremely good oil, eliminated the threat of contamination, and longer compressor life. By choosing the products specifically tailored to your air compressor solution, you guarantee yourself higher efficiency, productivity, and average overall performance, allowing your operations to run seamlessly. In comparison, the willpower to 1/3-birthday party oils can create the threat of higher safety or repair fees due to them failing to mix effectively collectively alongside your system's operation.

So, which of our oils want to you use on your air compressor? Well, that definitely is based on the model of your compressor solution. Below is our recommendation of which of our lubricants artwork is outstanding with each shape of the air compressor system. 

Contact-Cooled Rotary Screw Compressors & Oil-Free Units (extensively our Sierra and Nirvana models) - Ultra EL (our longest-lasting oil, with a whole lifestyle of 3 years) or our Ultra Coolant oil which flourishes in even the nice temperatures.