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Calibrated plywood | Gurjone
Calibrated plywood is a new type of engineered plywood that has recently gained popularity. Calibrated plywood, as opposed to regular plywood, has a thinner veneer and a more uniform thinness or thickness throughout its thickness.

Calibrated Plywood: New type of engineered Plywood

Some applications in the furniture industry always demand quality, durability, and dependability in the construction material. And looking for this type of tough and sturdy plywood variant could be a very interesting task. However, with calibrated plywood, things have become much easier and simpler in this regard.


Calibrated plywood is a new type of engineered plywood that has recently gained popularity. Calibrated plywood, as opposed to regular plywood, has a thinner veneer and a more uniform thickness. This makes it ideal for projects requiring an extremely smooth surface, such as cabinets or countertops. The thickness of calibrated plywood is uniform, which can be accomplished with the support of modern machines.

What is calibrated Plywood?

Calibrated plywood is the most modern type of plywood, produced using cutting-edge machines to ensure uniform thickness and evenness, making it ideal for post-lamination processes and the creation of modular furniture. The superior calibration process also results in a super-smooth surface, making it a favourite in the industry!


For years, the plywood industry has used inefficient processes and outdated machinery to produce subpar plywood for the nation. We can now produce world-class products without relying on imports from China, Indonesia, or Russia thanks to Calibrated Plywood. Calibrated plywood is an industry favourite and has additional benefits over regular plywood, prompting people to quickly switch from regular plywood to calibrated plywood for excellence in modern products.


Because of its unmatched advantages and benefits, calibrated plywood has become the preferred choice of builders and woodworkers. Calibrated plywood requires highly advanced technologies as well as equipment.  Calibrated plywood is a type of plywood that is produced using a two-way pressing system.


Extremely smooth finish


You don't have to sand the calibrated plywood thoroughly to achieve an even and smooth finish. Calibrated plywood is an excellent choice for making furniture and modular items because it has a super-smooth finish that allows for easy post-lamination and post-forming.


Consistent Thickness


If you want plywood with a uniform thickness and no unevenness, calibrated plywood is the way to go. Calibrated Plywood is frequently used in the production of modular kitchens and wooden cabinets.


Extremely long-lasting


The furniture and cabinets made from calibrated plywood are built to last. The calibrated plywood's superior quality veneers and adhesives provide uniform strength and durability.




BWP-certified gurjone calibrated plywood BWP stands for boiling waterproof grade, which means that plywood boards with BWP marks are boiling waterproof according to industry standards. They can withstand prolonged water and moisture exposure. gurjone offers original calibrated plywood of exceptional quality that will withstand the test of time. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require a personalised quotation or have any questions.

Manufacturing Process

Gurjone maintains its dominance in the calibrated plywood industry by using top-of-the-line, high-end, four-stage "Hot-Cold" press technology.


  • On our premium hydraulic press, we first perform a cold press on the wood veneers.

  • The cold-pressed veneers are then hot-pressed in the second step.

  • Using a cold press, press the face veneers to the previously pressed veneers.

  • Following the previous steps, we perform a hot-press with face veneers.


As a result, the plywood is truly world-class, with minimal core gaps and complete straightness.


We then proceed to our renowned calibration, which includes the most cutting-edge sanding equipment, to ensure that every Gurjone calibrated plywood product that hits the market is unrivalled in thickness and evenness, with a super-smooth finish. The final inspection irons out any flaws to provide you, our customers, with supreme precision.


This undying dedication keeps our calibrated plywood at the top of the heap, as well as the love we receive has prompted the rest of the industry to abandon lower-quality wood in favour of truly calibrated plywood.


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