Best Plywood Manufacturers in YamunaNagar | Gurjone Ply
Best Plywood Manufacturers  in YamunaNagar | Gurjone Ply
Gurjone Plywood is one of the Best plywood manufacturers in Yamunanagar, Haryana. We are best Plywood manufacturers. We offer our services at market leading price to our customers. You can place any order with us without any hesitation.

Best Plywood Manufacturers in YamunaNagar | Gurjone Ply


Plywood is an engineered wood sheet material made of fine layers of the wood facade, or snappy strings, by holding the wood grains at 90 degrees to one another. Hence, it is a complicated material and joins tar and fiber sheets of wood. Keep reading to know more about Gurjone plywood the best plywood manufacturers in Yamunanagar.

Plywood has become famous during this long period as it has a moderately low dampness content which makes it simple to perform different undertakings with it. It has become vital to utilize compressed wood generally for open-air use. Moreover, the renowned British Powerboat Company utilizes Plywood to fabricate engine torpedo boats and engine weapon boats.

Here, are the different types of Plywood:

  • Hardwood Plywood

  • Softwood Plywood

  • Decorative Plywood

  • Aircraft Plywood

  • Tropical Plywood

  • Marine Plywood

  • Flexible Plywood

Manufacturing Process of Plywood

Selection of Log:

However, determination of a decent log is the initial step. Subsequently, by the interest in the sort of compress wood produces from the wood of the chosen tree. Therefore, this log is is a peeler. The peeler is straight and has a decent width as framing countless layers is normal.

Layer Formation:

Meanwhile, bigger blades utilizes for handling flimsy layers inside the sawmill and framing facade sheets. The flat area of the log is up under the sharp edge for good results. However, a few layers are cut into pieces by consistently squeezing the sharp edge.

Exposure to Heat:

The sheets then presents to heat to eliminate the water content from them. The great lack of hydration of the sheets affirms before the subsequent stage.


To sum up, sheets are stuck together, This is done after they have dried. This done to keep an arrangement of a different kind of plywood. In this step, to get the best outcomes, care is taken. Subsequent to fixing and evaluating it is sticking. Therefore, the chemicals used for sticking are Urea-formaldehyde and phenol formaldehyde.


The stuck compressed wood essential sheets are sent for baking and squeezing at the necessary temperature and strain. The base temperature is 140 °C and the tension is 1.9 MP.


Settling of fabricated pressed wood sheets is done. Likewise, endlessly resizing occurs.

Gurjone Ply is one of the best plywood manufacturers in Yamunanagar. If you are thinking about an association that can offer you the greatest Compressed Wood of Rangoon business, picking our company will give you different positive circumstances. We assemble, lease, and provide high-limit and financially savvy Plug-Compressed Lumber.

Key Features that Gurjone Ply Provides.

  • It is famous for its high bending quality, simple shot taking, and dampness insurance

  • This kind of packed wood is great for the gig you mean to help since it gives you out nail hold where you ensure that your bramble, for instance, will provide you with the more extended limit of its parts. All were well guiltless.

  • It is entirely reasonable for fostering the long side of a design or a scaffold. This will empower you to comprehend spilling issues as a horrendous surface during your improvement cycle, particularly as it is reasonable for watering concrete.

  • It can give you great and severe advancement like no decay or rattan.


  • Commercial plywood is an amazing material that you can use for wandering into furniture, lighting up, and construction.

  • If you most certainly expect to make furniture from business-packed wood, you will presumably wind up with an ideal piece with long-haul relevance.

  • Whenever you will require an adaptable sort of compacted wood for your impending endeavour, never wonder whether or not to pick squeezed wood by our business.

  • It provides you with a wide extent of beneficial features. likewise, you can rely on its solidarity where you can take full advantage of its uncommon potential. Moreover, you can anticipate that, nowhere near its outstanding quality, you are exceptionally open to reasonable appraisals.

Due to theses many benefits it is important that one should buy only from the best.  It will ensure that the quality is top notch. You can choose to buy from Gurjone Plywood- One of the best plywood manufacturers in Yamunanagar.



Other than Plywood Gurjone Ply also Provides

Particle Board: Particle board is more affordable, denser, and more uniform than conventional timber and squeezes lumber and is utilizes for filling when the expense is higher need than strength and appearance.

Decorative Board: Most decorative plywood is for furniture, divider framing, cupboards, and plant work.

Laminates: Laminate is wood or wooden facade of a matte surface. It looks more detailed. It is plywood although there is a protective plastic layer on one of the two sides.

Hence, we see that Gurjone plywood is one of the best plywood manufacturers in Yamunanagar. They offer a wide variety of plywood options to choose from. You can visit their website on the link-