Best plywood for furniture in India | Gurjone
Best plywood for furniture in India | Gurjone
We are the best plywood for furniture in India and we carry the potential to fulfil every requirement. Of the client and demands too. We are a firm that deals with all kinds of plywood in time bound manner without any hassle or any kind of delay.

Best plywood for furniture in India | Gurjone

Plywood is one of the most important building materials that can be used in a variety of ways. In our daily lives, plywood is used to make homes, offices, constructions, furniture, and other structures. As a result, you may have to make a reasonable investment in it. Just like cement, steel, bricks, and other building materials, you must take care of the best plywood for furniture in India. You must be certain that it is the best that you can get your hands on.

Companies that provide best plywood for furniture in India

Century Ply Laminates

Century Ply Laminates is a leading supplier, exporter, and producer of plywood in India. It has also received ISO 9002 certification for plywood as well as veneer. Century Plywood provides the  best plywood for furniture in India. Mr. Sajjan Bhajanka and Mr. Sanjay Agarwal founded Century Ply Laminates in 1986. It  is located in Bishnupur, Kolkata. Veneers, Fiberboard MDF Boards, Laminates Plywood, as well as Laminate Sheets are all manufactured by Century Ply Laminates. Century Ply Laminates is the best brand for best plywood for furniture in India.

Greenply Industries Limited

Greenply Industries is one of India's best interior infrastructure firms. Greenply Industries Limited was founded in 1993 by Mr. S.P Mittal. Greenply Industries Limited’s annual revenue is Rs.2000 crores, with its major offices in New Delhi and Kolkata. Greenply Industries Limited covers a large region encompassing 300+ cities throughout 21+ states of the country with a well-entrenched distribution system of 2500 dealers and 10,000 retailers, and more than 48 branches all across the country. Greenply Industries Limited is best recognised for producing MDF Boards and Plywood.

Samrat Plywood Limited

Samrat Plywood Limited is one of the leading companies in laminates and plywood. Samrat Mica and Plywood was created in 1987. The main office is in Chandigarh. Furthermore, it has advanced manufacturing facilities in Himachal Pradesh.


Since 1987, Samrat Plywood Limited has provided unique ideas and products to clients in a variety of industries, including real estate, furniture, flooring, and modular kitchen market.  Samrat's plant makes HPL sheets of various thicknesses and has a monthly manufacturing capacity of 1 lac sq. ft. Samrat Plywood Limited is now exporting its goods to Malaysia and plans to expand further. Blockboards, Plywood, decorating veneers, flush doors, shuttering, and commercial Plywood are among the products provided by Samrat Plywood Limited.


Alishan Plywood

Alishan Plywood and Veneer Pvt. Ltd. is one of the finest plywood companies in India, founded on March 31, 1995, under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Alishan Plywood and Veneer Pvt. Limited is a limited liability partnership with the registration number 70715. Alishan Plywood and Veneer Pvt. Ltd. Corporation is a non-government organisation, and Alishan Plywood and Veneer Pvt. Ltd. Company is also a company limited by shares.


Kitply Plywood

In 1982, Kitply Plywood Industries Limited was formed in India. Kitply Plywood Industries Limited has since established itself in the national block board and plywood industry. Kitply Plywood is a manufacturer of Natural Veneers, Blockboards, Plywood, Doors, and other products.


Kitply Plywood Industries Limited has 12 sales offices and 5 well-equipped plants located throughout India, with exports to Nepal, Bangladesh, the Middle East, and Pakistan.  Kitply Industries is India's first firm to cater to Block Board and Plywood requirements. Kitply Plywood Industries Limited has been awarded the coveted "Indira Priyadarshini Vrikshamitra Award '' for their commitment to wasteland development and afforestation.


Bansal Sales Corporation Pvt. Ltd

Bansal Sales Corporation Pvt. Ltd was established as a Partnership Firm in 1963 under the Indian Partnership Act 1932. Bansal Sales Corporation Pvt. Ltd is a well-known name in the business of merchanting, retailing, distributing, providing, and dealing in Interior Designing and Building Material items such as Timber, Plywood, Flooring, MDF, Acrylic Solid Surface, Surface, Decorative Hardware, Laminates, Veneers, and so on.

National Plywood Industries Limited

In 1951, National Plywood Industries Limited was founded as a tea chest manufacturer in Assam's rich tea region. National Plywood Industries Ltd was established in 1973. National Plywood Industries Limited is India's leading manufacturer of blockboard, plywood, and flush doors, providing unparalleled service and great product quality to its dealers, distributors, and consumers.  Laminate, flush door, plywood, and block board are all manufactured by national plywood manufacturers. Under the brands National Uninational Laminart and Laminates, NPIL expanded into cutting-edge decorative laminates in 1994.


Indiana Plywood Industries

Indiana Plywood Industries is a well-known name in the plywood sector, selling and manufacturing high-quality Blockboards, Plywood, and Decorative, including waterproof furniture plywood. Prelam Plywood, Calibrated Marine Plywood, Russian Birch Plywood, Burmese Gurjan Plywood, Veneers, Flexi Plywood, Decorative, Container Flooring, Deck Flooring, Block Board, and Flush Doors are among the products offered by Indiana Plywood Industries.

Woodstock Laminates Limited

Since its beginning in 1995, Woodstock Laminates Limited has built a reputation for panel goods and plywood manufacturing in Haryana (North India). Mr. Rajnesh Arora and Mr. Sanjeev Sethi founded Woodstock Laminates Limited. Woodstock Laminates Limited is an ISO certified Total Quality Management company that is known for its safety, quality, and longevity. Wood Products, or wood stock, are well-known in the business for their beauty, consistent inventiveness, quality, perfection, and innovation.

Crownply Plywoods


Crownply Plywoods has been in the wood sector for over a decade.  Crownply Plywood has exceptional quality requirements that are closely observed from the time the wood is selected until the plywood is delivered. Crownply has created a diverse range of materials used in the woodworking industry.