What More Do You Need To Know About Permanent Retainers?
What More Do You Need To Know About Permanent Retainers?
The placement of permanent retainer is done by orthodontists after complexion of orthodontic treatment for offering proper alignment to teeth.

The placement of permanent retainer is done by orthodontists after complexion of orthodontic treatment for offering proper alignment to teeth. Many orthodontists suggest wearing retainers for a long time to enhance the impact of braces on teeth repositioning. If you are suffering from not being aware of retainers then you should read this article till the very end. As in this article, we have written down almost every productive information about retainers that a person should know about.



What are permanent retainers?

A permanent retainer is a wire retainer that is formed of powerful fiber and metal for fixing your teeth permanently with the special bonding agent. Permanent retainers are most commonly used for front four and six teeth. 

Why do you need permanent retainers for all your teeth?

A person may require a permanent retainer if he/she has problems such as:

  • The gap between front teeth and bottom teeth
  • After the completion of orthodontic treatment
  • Tooth loss
  • After tooth extraction

What are the different types of retainers?

There are four major types of retainers are there in orthodontic treatment:


  • Removable  Retainers that are made of metal and acrylic.
  • Essix retainer that is made of clear plastic
  • Vivera retainerswhich are the official Invisalign retainer
  • Permanent Retainers are permanently glued to the back of your teeth.



How to clean retainers?

For cleaning the permanent retainers a person should follow some instructions below including:

  • It is important to brush your retainers with quality toothpaste
  • Use mouthwash with regular brushing and flossing
  • Do not avoid regular dental cleaning and checkups
  • Get floss threaders.


How long does permanent retainer last?

We have found from studies that permanent retainers are not truly permanent as they can wear out after some time. The reason these retainers are known as permanent is they are not removable retainers and stick to your teeth for almost 20 years with special tooth bonding. Permanent retainers require the replacement of new retainers after they wear out.

How much do permanent retainers cost?

If you are one of the people thinking “how much do retainers cost” then you should know retainers cost may vary from $150 to $500. Some dentists involve the retainers placement fee in the total cost of braces placement. So make sure to ask your orthodontist about the total cost of retainers before treatment.

What are the benefits of permanent retainers?

We have mentioned some benefits of permanent retained including:

  • They cannot get shifted because they are removable which makes teeth in one position.
  • Permanent retainers are invisible to others
  • Retainers don't affect your speech which will not lower your confidence in public
  • Permanent retainers help to keep your teeth in one place aligned.


We hope you liked this article and it was somewhere a help for you in knowing about clear retainers. If you are someone looking for the best orthodontist for placement of permanent retainers then you should visit our website as we have the best orthodontist that offers affordable treatment.



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