What Makes Custom Candle Boxes So Special?
What Makes Custom Candle Boxes So Special?
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Candles hold a significant spot in everyone’s life. Regardless of what region to belong to, you must have come across beautiful candles with aromatic fragrances. Apart from such attractive features, there is another thing that plays an important in the sales of candles. That factor is the packaging of candles. However, you might be one of those retailers who would think that their amazingly attractive candles do not require some expensive packaging to increase their overall appeal. Well, first of all, custom candle boxes are not expensive at all. 

Secondly, every product needs packaging for multiple purposes. Anyhow, if you are not convinced to use custom packaging for your candles, keep reading, and you find numerous reasons to use them and, of course, the things that make them unique as well. 

Unique Design 

The unique design of these specially crafted 2 piece candle boxes makes them exceptional and makes people buy them more than ever. So, what are the design of candle boxes that you can use? Here are some of the most popular candle boxes designs that indeed make your candles pop out in an ocean of others.   

  • Tuck-end boxes

  • Sleeve boxes

  • Flap top boxes

  • Window cut boxes

  • Telescopic boxes

You can present your amazing candles in any of the boxes that we have mentioned above. 

Ultimate Protection

When it comes to a candle product, protection is the foremost aspect of any packaging box. You see, if you are not using robust packaging, your candles might not bear all the hustle of transportation and rough handling. To get the ultimate protection that your candle deserves, you need to use a sturdy material to manufacture wholesale candle boxes. Here some of the most feasible options that you can choose. 

  • Kraft Candle Boxes

  • Cardboard Candle Boxes

  • Cardstock Candle Boxes

  • Corrugated Candle Boxes

Less Harmful

How can packaging be harmful? As a matter of fact, it can be, to us, to the planet, and to the air, we breathe. A lot of packaging material that retailers use does not decompose for centuries or even millennia. One of those materials is plastic. This is why many countries have banned the use of plastic for packaging. While on the other hand, the materials we mentioned above are entirely bio-degradable and eco-friendly. Moreover, they are also affordable, even if you have a tight budget for the product boxes

Packaging manufacturers prepare materials like Kraft, cardboard, cardstock, and corrugated cardboard with wood pulp. Wood pulp is readily available all over the world and makes these boxes cheaper. Above all, eco-friendly candle boxes are 100% recycled. 

Light in weight

The feature of being lightweight is also significant, especially if you are one of those retailers who ship their candles to different parts of the USA. Therefore, if you are an exporter of candles, you would know how much the product’s weight can add to its final shipping cost. Therefore, using lightweight packaging can give you an edge in shipment and eventually make your product costs less. 

So what makes these candle boxes so light? The reason behind their less weight is the selection of the material. Aside from being eco-friendly and cheap, they are also extremely lightweight. 


Customization can help you make your box present an idea. While keeping the protection intact, you can also enhance its beauty by personalizing it with the help of numerous features. However, we will not cover all of them, but most of them. By using the below tools, you present your premium candles with the luxury essence of packaging. 


The coating is one of those features that acts in two ways. Number one: it protects the print and graphics on your candle box. Number two: it enhances the overall look by making a box shiner with gloss coating. However, if you are not a fan of the shimmery look or it just doesn’t go with your box’s theme, you can use the matte coating as well. As the name suggests, the matte coating will give your box a dense rough finish. 

Logo Printing

If logo printing sounds too obvious, keep reading. With the help of modem printing methods, you can make your brand’s logo or name embossed, debossed, or even give a gold finish with spot UV. 

Final Thoughts

As we said, we won’t cover all aspects that make candle boxes unique and special, we still managed to cover most of them. However, once you start using candle boxes for your product, you will get to discover many new benefits of using custom candle packaging. Anyhow, if any of the above features made you thought of buying custom candle boxes, let us know in the comment section.