Understanding UPI AutoPay with FidyPay
Understanding UPI AutoPay with FidyPay
Businesses can use any UPI app to collect bill payments with UPI AutoPay. EMIs can be done with UPI AutoPay without missing deadlines.

Understanding UPI AutoPay with FidyPay


UPI AutoPay

UPI AutoPay is a revolutionary service that allows businesses to collect recurring payments from customers with any UPI application. With this facility, you allow your customers to make payments directly through UPI. You get the best of both worlds: the power of UPI and the flexibility of repetitive payments, made easier for you by FidyPay!

Confused about what is UPI AutoPay? UPI AutoPay is the latest facility for recurring payments like mobile bills, EMI payments, insurance premiums, mutual funds, OTT subscriptions, and utility bills, among others.

UPI AutoPay is a win-win situation for both businesses and their customers. It makes your company more efficient and agile, allowing you to bill, sell, and price seamlessly at a faster pace than ever. Enabling the feature is super-easy with the UPI AutoPay service of a UPI Autopay service provider company, like FidyPay. Sign up today and start experiencing!

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