Top 5 Best Areas for Buying Houses in Karachi
Top 5 Best Areas for Buying Houses in Karachi
Karachi, the city of lights has so much to offer to its residents. In this blog we have written top 5 best areas for buying houses in Karachi

Top 5 Best Areas for Buying Houses in Karachi

Karachi being one of the oldest cities and previous capital of Pakistan, holds a great deal of history and life in itself. Karachi is also called the heart of Pakistan, as many old politicians, founders of Pakistan and multiple trade was conducted through the port of Karachi through centuries. The city is spread over 3782 kilometers square and more than 19 million people reside in it. The city has people from all over the country and also  an international airport. The largest seaport in Pakistan is also in Karachi. Two ports are there, one is Port Bin Qasim and another is Port of Karachi. Hence, it also serves as a major area for trade and financial centers for the country, adding to the country’s GDP. 

It is a great area to invest in, as it has some of the top markets, international brands and skilled labourforce and many areas to live in Karachi. You can also find the highest quality material in Karachi as it is also an industrial zone. If you visit Karachi or want to live there, you can find the best hospitals, restaurants and cafes there. As it is close to the sea, you can get delicious seafood, such as prawns, fish, and lobsters in abundance.

These days saving money and investing in a house or a piece of land is the best choice as the prices are rising each day. There are many areas that you can visit and check for yourself to invest in. Karachi is one of the best cities to invest in Pakistan

Which is the best place to live in Karachi in 2021.

DHA Karachi

Defence Karachi is one of the safest possibilities since it is separated into eight sections and is heavily guarded. Total buying properties were in the ratio of 7.8%, according to the searched data, and therefore comes first in the supplied hierarchy. Large-scale investors would benefit since greater investments in Karachi  provide higher rewards. As a result, there is a lot of demand in terms of space, location, and security.

Meanwhile, DHA Karachi provides three standard plot sizes: 120, 500, and 1000 square yards. Hundreds of alternatives are available, featuring residential properties in all eight phases. Let’s get a sense of the lowest and maximum expenses of these large areas.

Are you looking for a fantastic residential site that is in high demand? Then DHA Karachi is the place for you. As it is the most expensive residential area to live in Karachi. A 120-square-yard land would cost between 2 and 4 crores PKR. The price range for a 500 sq yard plot starts at 3 crores PKR and goes up to 10 crores PKR. Large-scale investors may now purchase plots of 1000 sq yards for as little as 18.5 crores PKR. As a result, DHA is only for large-scale investors, as plots are extremely costly.  DHA is one of the widely-sought out  housing societies in Karachi

It is one of Karachi’s most popular selling neighbourhoods since it is connected to one city, Karachi, and is also connected to the Karachi-Hyderabad highway, which is only 2.1 kilometres from the Defense Housing Authority’s main gate. The DHA housing complex is within a 25-minute drive from Jinnah International Airport, which is accessible by Shahrah-e-Faisal.

The Defence Housing Authority has a range of sites available. They have both business and residential flats and homes available. However, before acquiring any plot or home, you must first determine the property’s price range.

Plots in DHA, like other property kinds, have premium rates due to the superior environment and security. A 120 sq yd property in DHA costs between PKR 1.8 crore and PKR 3.4 crore to purchase. You may have to look through properties starting at PKR 3 crore and going up to PKR 15 crore to find a 500 sq yard land. A 1000 sq yd plot, which may cost as little as PKR 7.5 crore or as much as PKR 23 crore, is another popular property type in DHA and is the best property investment in Karachi 2021. Also check best areas to Invest in Islamabad.

Gulistan-e-Jauhar Karachi

Gulistan-e-Jauhar, a significant neighbourhood in Karachi, is the sixth most popular place in the city, appearing in 7.5 percent of all property searches. 

Gulistan-e- Jauhar’s real estate Karachi market is large, with several different types of residences for sale. A 120-square-meter home costs between PKR 70 lakh and PKR 2.5 crore. Those seeking a somewhat larger home might check for 240 sq yard homes, which vary in cost from PKR 2 crore to PKR 5.6 crore.

The neighbourhood is readily available from the city’s main highways, such as Shahrah-e-Faisal Road and Rashid Minhas Road, with the Super Highway and Northern Bypass on the other end.

The Jinnah International Airport, which is only a 10-minute drive away, adds a lot of value to Gulistan-e-Jauhar location. 

For those looking to buy an apartment in Gulistan-e-Jauhar, there are several alternatives. A two-bedroom flat, which is the most popular property type in Gulistan-e-Jauhar, typically starts at PKR 18 lakh and may go up to PKR 1.5 crore. Larger apartment alternatives, such as a three-bedroom flat in Gulistan-e-Jauhar, cost between PKR 24 lakh and PKR 2.1 crore.

One of the main reasons for the neighborhood’s appeal is its proximity to some of the city’s major and esteemed educational institutions, such as NEDUET, SSUET, the University of Karachi, and Bahria University. 

Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town is rightly called the heart of Karachi, due to its huge popularity in such a short time. It has grown to be a ‘city within a city’. Its grandeur and grand housing plan with multiple facilities has made it a popular choice for people to reside and invest in. 

It is also the largest of all Bahria Towns in Pakistan, with 16,000 hectares of land. It is one of the greatest property developments that has been created so far in Karachi’s suburbs, with a world-class infrastructure and all modern-day amenities.

To make it easier for residents to travel through the neighbourhood, it has been separated into many sections. Every Section of Bahria Town has also been supplied with large and well-paved roads with navigational signboards, thanks to state-of-the-art design.

Bahria Town Karachi is home to some of the city’s most well-known leisure amenities. Take, for example, Bahria Adventure Land or Raiha CineGold Plex, which now includes a drive-in theatre. It also houses the world-famous Danzoo, Pakistan’s first international-standard day and night zoo.

So, living in Bahria Town comes with a plethora of amenities, and if you’re considering relocating there, you’ll be pleased to learn that this real estate complex has some of Karachi’s most cheap homes. When it comes to property rates, many individuals can afford a 120 sq yd house in Bahria Town Karachi, which costs between PKR 35 lakh and PKR 65 lakh.

If you’re looking for a good area to invest in Karachi, Bahria Town Karachi has some of the greatest deals. Plots of 125 square yards cost between Rs 1.7 million to Rs 5 million. Plots of up to 250 square yards are also available for Rs 2.8 million to Rs15 million. Plots of up to 500 square yards are priced between Rs 4.8 million and Rs18 million.

This neighbourhood was built on a very well-organized design, and the housing project has been quite successful in attracting both local Pakistanis and Pakistanis from other countries. Customers may choose from Bahria Homes, Bahria Apartments, Bahria Sports City, and Bahria Farmhouses in Bahria Town Karachi. They’ve also turned Bahria Icon Tower, Bahria Heights, and Jinnah Avenue into commercial areas. 

Scheme 33

Scheme 33, proposed by KDA, is one of Karachi’s largest housing developments, with 54 sectors. This project has also grown in popularity in recent years, resulting in a steady increase in its real estate Karachi value. Scheme 33 has managed to keep first place with 12.8 percent of the total done ‘property for sale in Karachi’ searches in Karachi. The three most sought locations in Scheme 33 are Sector 17-A, Saadi Garden, and Saadi Town.

Houses in Scheme 33 are available for purchase in a wide range of styles. A 120 square yard house might cost anything from PKR 25 lakh to PKR 2.8 crore to purchase. Similarly, if you want a 250 sq yd house, you need a budget between PKR 1.1 crore and PKR 2.5 crore. Here is a blog on things to consider before investing in real estate.

If you’re looking for ways to invest, this section has some of the greatest options. The plots range in size from 100 to 120 square yards and cost between Rs2.3 million to Rs 10.02 million. Plots ranging in size from 200 to 250 square yards are also available for Rs 4.5 million to Rs 10.75 million. Plots ranging in size from 500 square yards to 30 square yards cost between Rs 10.2 million and Rs 30 million.

Gadap Town Karachi

Gadap Town is yet another town in the suburbs of Karachi that is extremely popular. Gadap town, located in the city’s northwestern outskirts and bordered on the west by the Hub River, is a well-known area in Karachi’s suburbs. Gadap Town is seeing significant real estate development, making it an important element of Karachi’s real estate market. Gadap Town is also one of the most popular districts in the city for property searches, accounting for 12.6 percent of all searches. Surjani Town, Taiser Town, and Gulshan-e-Maymar are three of Gadap Town’s most popular neighbourhoods. 

It is connected to major roads, schools, shops and health facilities. When looking for houses for sale in Gadap Town, you will come across properties with a wide range of different prices. For a 120 sq yd house in Gadap Town, for example, the price range has been noted to be between PKR 15 lakh and PKR 1.5 crore. A 240 sq yard home can cost anything between PKR 40 lakh and PKR 2.7 crore. You can come across price tags for a 500 sq yard house that start at PKR 2.5 crore to go as high as PKR 5.25 crore.

Flats for sale in Gadap Town are available in a variety of types and sizes. People often prefer to purchase two-bedroom flats, which range between PKR 6 lakh and 75 lakh. Gulistan-e-Mymar and Surjani Town are a part of it.

Karachi, the city of lights has so much to offer to its residents. From the wide-ranging beach to the delicious food to the great opportunities. You can also safely and comfortably live in any of these areas to live in Karachi. Also read best construction companies in Pakistan.

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