Things to Look For Before Investing in a Budget Skylight
Things to Look For Before Investing in a Budget Skylight
Before you can buy affordable skylights for your property, you will need to see whether there is a dome or duct besides diffusers that helps enhance skylight.

If you are looking to invest in high-quality budgeted skylights, you will need to look for a few things that indicate that you are buying the right product. Here, we will discuss this so that you can make the right decision if you are in Melbourne. Basically, you will need to look for a few technical things present in the product that you are buying. So, without further delay, let us take a look at the skylight specification that you, as a buyer, need to look at.

  • Rooftop Dome

Before you can put your money in tubular skylights, see if the product comes with a acrylic rooftop dome. 

These domes capture sunlight throughout the day and send it down the tube. Thus, when you have a skylight with this feature, you will get the maximum amount of sunlight in your rooms throughout the day. Your place will be well-lit, thus fulfilling your purpose.

Not all skylights come with this feature. So, before buying, you will need to carefully take note of whether a rooftop dome is included with the product.

  • Flexible Duct

A quality affordable tubular skylight will come with a flexible duct through which sunlight will travel to your rooms. However, before you buy a skylight, make sure that the duct is made with high-quality materials. Also, when buying the product, consider the type of room that you have since some of them are made to illuminate small and medium rooms while others have the capability to light up large rooms.

They are perfect for small drops, into spaces where only small amounts of additional light is required.

  • Diffuser

Even if you are buying budget skylights in Melbourne, see whether they come equipped with Prismatic Diffusers. 

This is a great option since these diffusers enhance the sunlight and spread them throughout the room. At the same time, proprietary single-lens diffusers can also block harmful UV rays, thus protecting you and others from skin damage.

  • Flashings

The next important feature that you will need to look for while buying Melbourne tubular skylights is the flashings that they have. 

These flashings need to be leak-proof. But what you need to see is whether these flashings are injection-moulded since this offers maximum water resistance. Additionally, make sure that you are investing in a skylight that is designed for Australian roofs.

  • Skylight Size

Another important aspect that you will need to look for while buying a budget skylight is the size of the same.

For instance, the budget series by SolarBright comes in a 250mm and a 400mm option. So, depending on the size of your room, you will need to choose the model to get the best experience out of the same.


So, these are a few things that you will need to look for before investing in a budgeted skylight. By following these points, you can also make your investment successful.