The Changing Face of Freight Shipping Solutions
The Changing Face of Freight Shipping Solutions
Courier companies have evolved immensely over the past few years and have incorporated services that can highly benefit end customers and businesses.

About two decades ago, only a few players in the freight shipping industry managed both B2C andB2B segments. However, due to the poor infrastructure and lack of technological inclusions, these services were not as reliable and efficient. Today, several companies have entered this domain and are offering excellent services to both B2B as well as B2C segments. Here’s more on the few services that these companies are offering today:

On-Demand Delivery

This service has significantly benefitted the e-commerce industry. With this service in place, e-commerce companies can expedite the delivery of their goods as soon as customers place their orders. With on-demand delivery, e-commerce companies have been able to enhance their customer experience and satisfaction greatly.

Returns Management

The e-commerce industry thrives on the fact that customers have the freedom to return products they do not like or are not up to their expectations. This was made possible only by introducing returns management that courier companies so efficiently carry out these days. Freight shipping companies, especially those working closely with e-commerce companies, have very structured returns management services to return products conveniently.

Time-Defined/SlotBased Delivery

This is another service that was not available even about a decade ago. With this service in place, customers can easily choose the time slot within which they would want their goods to be delivered to be sure that they will be at home to receive the parcel. Earlier, this option was not available, and tracking the order and waiting for the parcel to arrive used to be quite frustrating.

Oversized ProductsDelivery

Before sending goods via the courier, people used to worry about the size and weight of the parcel as most organizations were not keen on accepting oversized couriers for delivery. However, courier companies do not hesitate to take such orders these days and even ensure efficient delivery. Such companies even deliver products like air conditioners, refrigerators, etc., that customers order online from e-commerce stores.

HAZMAT ProductsDelivery

Earlier, there were few restrictions on shipping certain categories of products that could pose shipping or handling risks. However, with improved packaging solutions and better logistics in place, freight forwarding companies can nowadays even deliver products that were considered to be potentially hazardous earlier.

Real-time monitoring

Courier companies earlier did not have much in the way of technological integration, and as such, real-time monitoring was not an option. However, nowadays, courier companies use sophisticated technologies to make the whole process of shipping and tracking seamless and transparent. Customers can easily track the movement of their parcel right from the time it hits the roads and follow through till it reaches the destination.

Flexible Payment onDelivery

Until about a few years ago, companies only relied on online transactions for payments and later allowed for cash payments. However, nowadays, customers get a range of payment options. Not only can customers pay via cards/net banking/mobile wallets in advance, but delivery executives also carry POS machines with them. These days customers also have the option of making UPI payments.

Courier companies have evolved immensely over the past few years and have incorporated services that can highly benefit end customers and businesses.