The Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Tour is one of the city's most unique and fascinating tours
The Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Tour is one of the city's most unique and fascinating tours
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The Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Tour is one of the city's most unique and fascinating tours

The Abu Dhabi city tour and Desert Safari Tour is one of the city's most unique and fascinating tours. Is it possible to go to Abu Dhabi and not see the desert ??

By booking this day trip (afternoon to midnight), the transfer will follow you at the scheduled time and you will be traveling approximately 2 hours to the field field. As you approach the camp, your vehicle will change direction on the same side of the road and into the desert sand and solid sandy plains to reach the front of the camp. This is the excitement of this trip! Jumping on the desert sand and laughing and crying and joy you should feel for yourself! The drivers of these cars, who have a lot of experience in this field, will bring you half an hour to go all kinds of juggler games! We even threw sand dunes several times, and it was so deep that the driver could continue driving with a clear windshield wiper!

When you arrive at the campground, ride camels and use four-wheeled motorcycles for free (which, of course, due to limited space, would not require us to use them! Because in better places get more freedom with these engines.

In the dark of the air, you have to go into the reception area and do a dance program, and so on. The whole village and camp were a circular area called a square in the middle of the circle, surrounded by short tables (like our old chairs) and benches, as promised to European tourists. Sit down with a traditional face and experience this model of living and eating. The program begins with a brief reception and then Arabic music and dancing. First the male and then the female, like ballerinas, who walk from start to finish performing a beautiful dance with a sword on stage. After this lady, it was your turn again with fireworks and the end of the story…

When dinner time is announced, everyone should stand in line to take in the food they are served as homemade. In addition to the homemade section, a chicken skewer and perch are set aside for each individual, while other sweets and desserts are placed in a bowl.

The quality of the food was not good at all and we had to use only sweets and desserts. We were beaten and our chickens remained the same! (It tasted like anything but meat!)

After dinner and finally, you will return to the side of the road by car and return to your hotel with a previous transfer.

I think the worst of this Desert safari trip is its short duration. It is true that they will follow you from 3pm, but you will have 3-4 hours on the way back and forth, and you will have less time to use the desert, sunset, motorcycles, and camel riding !! Only when you enter the camp and there is a dance program, work and dinner, it is appropriate and appropriate, and you do not have enough time for the mentioned entertainment and even taking pictures futhi not at all! However, you can't cross the Abu Dhabi Desert and you should feel anyway…

We have booked a desert trek from Al-Ghafa areas at a discount of 130 dirhams each. If you buy this desert safari trip from Abu Dhabi hotels or Alghafa tourist guides, I don't think they will donate less than 180 dirhams. The transfer will follow you at 3pm and return to the hotel between 8pm and 9pm.

Desert safari is one of the most popular and attractive tours in Abu Dhabi, and during this few hours or even a few days, tourists will get acquainted with Bedouin life. Typically, this safari safari involves a three- to four-hour trip to the heart of the desert. Special axis equipment is used for this trip. Along the way, there is great excitement for tourists, because in addition to seeing the beauty of the desert, the cars go up and down the hills, while the snowboarding and Dune buggy safari car excites many passengers. At the end of the trail, the cars will arrive at the traditional camp where they can take souvenirs of traditional Arab costumes, spend their nights under the starry sky of the desert safari Dubai, and enjoy fun and exciting programs like music and dancing.

Desert safari Dubai

Desert safari Dubai