Streamline your Courier service business with the feature-rich Uber for Courier
Streamline your Courier service business with the feature-rich Uber for Courier
Significant features of Uber for Courier that you should have in your app

As technology changes everything, the courier industry has swiftly moved towards the digital space. With this change, people prefer to use a courier service app like Uber for Courier. This encourages entrepreneurs to start their own business. If you are one among them, make sure your app stands apart from the competition. For that, consider including innovative features upon analyzing the market trends, competitors, and target audience. Despite this, do not miss out on the following 5 significant features while developing your app.

Live Geo-Tracking

This feature will allow the customers to check the status of the courier delivery person in real-time. So, they can know the approximate time when the person will reach their destination. This avoids frustration to the customers as they do not have to wait for a long time without knowing the delivery status.

Service type

Customers can choose the service type based on the number of items to be delivered. Make sure the courier service app has wide service type options to offer your customers.

In-app chat/call

In case of any doubts/queries, customers can communicate with the courier delivery person and vice versa using the in-app chat/call feature. Concerning their privacy, they can connect via the app.

Wallet system

It would be better if your app is integrated with various digital payments, as many prefer cashless payments. The Wallet system feature will allow the customers to make payment with the inbuilt app wallet. They can also prefer to use the debit card, credit card, or net banking option.

Review and rating

Once the courier delivery person delivers the courier to the concerned user, the user can give feedback and rating to the service they availed via the app if wished.

 Most companies offer the courier service app development service with basic functionalities at an economical cost. The price will increase to some extent if you consider adding new and innovative features to your app. If you are having an idea of developing an app like Uber for Courier, reach out to us, and we cater for you with a quality app solution at a reasonable price.