Step into Multi Services With Seamless Gojek Clone
Step into Multi Services With Seamless Gojek Clone
Gojek Clone is an on-demand multi-services app solution with a stunning assortment of 63+ on-demand services extending from Ride-hailing, Food Delivery, Grocery Delivery, Alcohol Delivery, Courier Delivery, On-Demand Tutors, On-Demand Handyman, On-Demand Mechanics, On-Demand Maids, and much more.

Step into Multi Services With Seamless Gojek Clone

Step Into Multi Services With Seamless Gojek Clone 


The world of application is dominating all kinds of business today, you need to have an application to represent your business. This is because mostly everyone uses smartphones and uses smartphones for performing their everyday tasks. This includes sending mail, movie tickets booking, train reservation, and also bus ticket booking. 


All this required a separate application for each service. To avoid using multiple applications for getting services, the Gojek clone was developed through which multiple services can be gained through a single application.


In this blog, we are going to know about the multi-services provided by a single application. Trioangle provides the multi-services in a single application like Gojek clone with unique and advanced features.


Main Streams of Multi Services:


On-Demand Taxi: This service allows the user to book a taxi like an uber clone. The Gojek clone application links the customers, drivers, and service providers in a digital way. Using this digital platform, customers can book taxis from anywhere easily. The service provider can gain a huge customer base quickly and the drivers can get more revenue. 


Parcel Delivery: This service allows the user to send multiple parcels to single or multiple recipients with numerous destinations. The delivery partner collects the parcel and delivers it to the destination as mentioned in the application. Using this application the customer can book any items in any store. Once the parcel is ready, the driver can pick and deliver it to the customer’s location. 


Store-Based Delivery: This service helps the user place orders from their nearby stores. This service delivers grocery, food, pharmacy, and alcohol. The service will be provided to the customer within a circle limit so that they can get delivery in less time period. The customers can order the needed things through the application and they can also track the order.


Service Provider: This service helps the user to book plumbers, doctors, car wash, beauticians, and so on. The application shows the service providers’ list with the price list that helps the costumes to book the services they need.

Seamless Gojek Clone to Turn Steps Smart :


Interactive Service Template: Each service has different templates for providing its services, but the Gojek clone provides multiple services in a single application that makes the customer order products or book services easily.


Multi-service Listing: Customers feel it is difficult to refer to multiple applications for purchasing products or booking services, whereas the Gojek application decreases the customer effort to buy services and products through a single application that has a list of services and products in an online platform.


Endless Support: Chat support allows the customer and service provider to contact each other, the customer can guide the service provider to reach the location, This acts as a hassle-free system to avoid unwanted problems and miscommunication.


Proper Monetization: The customer is enabled with an option to track the service provider to know the status of the service or product booked by the user. This helps the customer to assign the time for receiving products and services. The customer can also swap the date of receiving the service or product if they are not available on the specified day of delivery.


Frontier Metrics: The customer can select the time for the service to be provided, they can also track the service provider or delivery partner and can pay in multiple payment gateway methods. It makes the customer experience user-friendly service.


Summing Up


If you want to overstep your competitors, you should choose the best service script. Trioangle provides the best Gojek clone with advanced features as mentioned in the blog, which will build your all-service clone the best in the market for sure.


We also customize as per the needs of the entrepreneurs and deliver on time. For further details, kindly contact us through the below-given details.




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