Silicon Bong – Are they worth it?
Silicon Bong – Are they worth it?
Silicon Bong – Are they worth it?

If you’re ever in the mood for afine story, ask a cannabis user about their smoking paraphernalia collection.Their eyes will light up such excitement, you would think they had just won anaward. Their speech will surely run over the allotted time, as they dab poeticabout glassblowing ways, the advantages of their percolation choices, and theartists behind their pieces.

Every piece most certainly comeswith a tale. You’ll be treated to stories of true love, epic adventure, andtragic loss. If you’re lucky, you might even get a sight into the rituals thatsurround these are utilized.

How does it work?

This is not a blog post aboutthose types of bongs. Sometimes you just one piece thatgets the job done. It does not need to elegant. It does not need to have anartist linked to its creation. It does not need pomp and condition to getgoing. It just needs to be there for you when you have it.

Major reasons to use a silicon bong

They might not be as epic a glasspiece, though, they still have plenty to provide. Check out why you’d have oneof these in your smocking repertoire.


A Silicone bong’s portability isknotted its durability – you can throw it in the bag before you start outcamping and not have to concern about it. There’re even silicon bongs that aremade to roll up, so you can simply and more subtly, bring them wherever thebreeze takes you. Finding water will be your single challenge. I find it isbest to just bring a bit extra with you.


These things are nearly impossible to break. Don’t let ahappy dog with a weaponized tail be the reason you miss a prized bong. Siliconcan take a solid hit and keep on going! The worst-case scenario is you have toclean up a few STANKY bong water. That is pretty bad, but at least you wouldnot be mourning the loss of a prized piece while doing.

Simply to clean

For those of you who hatecleaning your glass, this’s probably the great news that you have ever heard.Silicone bongs are made from fine grade silicone, so they’re perfectly safe tothrow in the dishwasher when they get too gross. Several of them come withsilicon down stem and bowl, so you can throw the entire thing in there. Nomuss, no fuss, literally.

They do not Tate Bad

Even before I started smokingfrom the glass I thought acrylic tasted funny. Then I started smoking fromglass suddenly I realized acrylic tasted disgusting. I had the samereservations about smoking form a silicon bong. It becomes that my fears wereunfounded. There’s not that much of a taste to speak of, other than the flavorof the herb.

Ideal for putting ice in

Silicone bongs are ideal forputting ice in because the material keeps the ice just a bit longer, thereforeassuring you’ve ice cold hits for many sessions. As another plus point, you donot have to worry about ice cubes breaking and falling your down stem onaccidents.