Safe Professional And Elite Storage Facility
Safe Professional And Elite Storage Facility
Safe Professional And Elite Storage Facility



If you are looking for storage near me in Johannesburg for your personal, business and document storage needs, then Prestige Storage is the answer. Prestige Storage provides a simple and affordable solution for your self-storage needs.

Personal Storage

Prestige Storage Provides:

  • Extra space allowing you to avoid any costly moves and create extra space at home

  • Easy access to your storage by being open 6 days a week/Sundays by appointment

  • Monitored by state-of-the-art security system

  • 24-hour video monitoring

  • 24-hour guard service

  • Low monthly cost

  • Clean and well-lighted storage areas

  • Variety of sizes to choose from to suit your need

  • Free use of hand carts

Business Storage


Prestige Storage provides secure and affordable solutions for your business storage needs. Located off the M2 highway, in Johannesburg, you will not only find the most convenient facility available for your requirements, but the care and security your valuables demand when being stored.


Whether it’s inventory stock, office records, or extra office furniture that you need to keep stored and safe, we have the right storage size for you. Our large premises, the length of time we have been in the building, a decade of experience in the industry and our eco-friendly operation save us money, which in turn, guarantees that our pricing will make you smile. Everything that you require is all in place which makes Prestige Storage the real one-stop storage hub.

Document Storage

Prestige Storage has a great solution for all of your document storage needs.


Long-term or permanent storage of physical files, such as tax and employment records, is often a requirement for many industries. Historical and important files can pile up over time, space is a huge problem and clutter becomes a nightmare.


Eliminate all of this with one call to us. We offer a cost-effective alternative for business owners that need to store their physical files. Clear out the clutter and let your business run more effectively.

Benefits Of Self-Storage For Your Documents


Prestige Storage is your trusted partner for file storage when your inventory becomes too large to maintain onsite. Documents can be stored at one of our secure facilities to free up office space, allowing you and your employees to work in a more organized manner and increase your productivity.


For more information about storage units near me, self storage near me, or storage facilities near me in Johannesburg, please contact Prestige Storage.


  • Industrial or camping GAS BOTTLES (empty or full).

  • Stolen goods, drugs, explosives, aerosols and petroleum-based paints

  • Goods which require a special license or government permission

  • Illegal goods for import or export

  • Plants or biodegradable organic matter likely to encourage vermin and other pests

  • Jewellery, watches, trinkets, precious stones and metals, money, deeds, securities, stamps, coins or any goods of a collectable kind

  • Perishable items that require a controlled environment IE: FOOD

  • No animals or animal by-products of any kind

  • Flammable goods such as petrol, oils or any such substance with a low flash point

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