Questions You Must Ask Your Foundation Repair Company
Questions You Must Ask Your Foundation Repair Company
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Are you facing problems with your foundation? Are there any leaks that you are thinking about getting repaired? The best thing you can do is consult a foundation repair Midland company. But if you are concerned about the quality of work your foundation repair service provides, you need to ask a few questions to them that will determine whether you are taking the services from the right company or not.

Here we have listed a few ‘must ask’ questions before you take foundation services:

Do you work with insurance?

Insurance is very important in foundation repair services. If the foundation company is not insured, you are taking a big risk of damages inside your home. If something goes wrong, you are liable for the expenses and damages to your property and not the company.

What is the duration of foundation repair?

Most companies will say that it depends on the condition of your foundation. But beware of those companies who promise a really fast 1 or 2-day service. If they say so, you should inquire about their working procedure and check their customer reviews before hiring them for work.

How many crew members do they work with?

This is important because knowing the number of crew members they work with will give you a fair idea of the speed of their work and let you know how much delay you are expecting in the other construction projects that you may have planned.

What is their experience in business?

Many companies operate under different names and change their names very frequently to avoid the coverage costs on their previous association. Inquire about the time their company has been in business. If you find a company with more than 10 years of foundation work, it is going to be highly beneficial for your project.

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