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It is very safe to say that the dimension of the corporate world flipped with the entrance of business cards. Wherever you are, business cards are the perfect way to formally introduce yourself. Business Cards give a sense of personal touch amongst clientele. 

The invention of printing made a lot of things easier for us and printed Visiting/Calling/Business Cards are one of them. There must have been someplace from where business cards flourished and that is the exact place we are trying to go back to and understand. 




Although business cards can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, their actual presence in the form of solid proof can be extended back to 15th Century China. Visiting/Business Cards in China, during that era, were used to arrange for meetings. The bearer of the visiting/business card would drop off his/her visiting/business card at the house of the person he/she wants to have a meeting with. The Latter one will decide when it deems suitable for him/her to arrange the meeting. 

Visiting/Business cards have always been a symbol of respect in many cultures and we are guessing that visiting/business cards being this symbol have been adapted from Chinese culture because it was deemed as rude/impolite to come unannounced at anyone’s residence. 




Served as a symbol of status and power in the society first in France and then in Europe during the 17th Century. Business Cards flourished at a very good rate with the name of Calling Cards. These cards were used on occasions to call for a gathering or any other event. 

Being a symbol of status, these were ornamented beautifully, unlike the present-day business cards. The rich and upper-class people would get some gold and other fancy stones engraved on their cards to show their supremacy in a very non-obvious way.   




Business Cards, as their names suggest, actually took hold of the business/trade world during the industrial revolution. Business Cards were not only limited to the upper/ aristocratic class but now were owned by business owners and traders. These business cards were printed on both sides with information at the front and location at the back. Business Cards were given out in hands and were a marketing strategy, as they are one now.  




Business Cards, today, are a solid marketing strategy along with a symbol of respect in some cultures. Business cards are printed in bulk with different designations of the company employees. There are so many varieties of Business Cards in the market now, customised ones are ruling this domain right now. Business cards nowadays give value to your business. 


There are multiple benefits of business cards and to mention a few: 


Business cards are a type of formal introduction of yourself and your business in the market and industry. In many cultures, Business cards are a polite way to greet and are taken as a symbol of respect. 


Business cards are a way to make your business known in the industry. Business cards give visibility to your business, therefore, business cards are a type of marketing strategy.


Business cards are easy to distribute in the market and are pretty much affordable as well.


Business cards give a visual perspective to your business, it makes you stand out in the market. Business cards leave an impression on your clients and business partners.


Business Cards as a hard copy are very helpful because it remembers every detail for you. 


We just summed up the history of business cards and now onto where you’ll find a good printing company for your customised business cards.

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