The official name of the Possum is phalange reforms, and possums alongside kangaroos and koalas are notorious Australian fauna.


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What are Possums?

The official name of the Possum is phalange reforms, and possums alongside kangaroos and koalas are notorious Australian fauna.

Australians have consistently lived close by these little nighttime marsupials profiting by their soft hide and calfskin.

Australia and Sydney have many types of Possum but mostly and found in the local area. The color and size of the Possum depended on the locations.

* The Common Brush tail Possum

* The Common Ringtail Possum

* Short-Eared Possum

* Greater Glider possum

* Sugar Glider Possum

* Yellow-bellied Glider Possum

* Feathertail Glider Possum

* Eastern Pygmy Possum

Life Cycle of Possum:

The breeding season is almost one year, such as January to November.

They usually give birth to six to nine pups.

They are born after 12 days of bread, but the opossum's pups crawl the mother's pouch to develop.

The outside maternal pocket is 60-70 days old and fully leaves within 80-90 days.

Three to four-month they remain with their mother.

The average lifespan ranges from one-two two years.

Sign of Possum Infestation:

* Disappearing Food

* Damage to Home Exterior

* Animal Noises

* Bad Smell

Best Solutions to Remove Possum:

Possum is very fast in the running, and it's not easy to catch them.

Australia also is not allowed to kill the Possum; if anyone notices that he is destroying the Possum, then legal action can be taken.

You can do one thing, and you can catch them and can see off into the forest.

The following are some ways with the help of you can get how to get rid of the Possum.


You have to need a trap for the trapping made of iron, glass, and wood. Put into that a Piece of bread, or a piece of fruit, and now wait for the Possum to break it, the trap will be automatically shouted down.


Fencing is also a cheap modern way to get rid of the Possum from your place. As Possum cant jump too high so that if we fence our boundary, they will be unable to come into your home.


Nowadays, some chemicals in the market can be used to get rid of Possum. But you should make sure that what you are using should be eco-friendly.

Trim Branches

You can trim branches as the Possum can make the cave into this. Same as the rat, the Possum is also very sharp in new.

Black all Hole in the Roof.

Possum can enter from anywhere into your home. The best idea is that you can block all the holes into the roof so that they are unable to come into your home.

Remove Food Source

You should remove all the food sources from your garden so that the Possum cannot enter the home.

Demolish Shelters

It would be best if you kept clean all the place of wood and always take care of it. Is there any extra wood and iron, then you should keep them at that place where possums are unable to reach?

Possum Removal and Rodent Control:

Golden Coast Possum Removal and Proofing, What to Do? 

Sounds in the roof the gold coast has several zones somewhere possums are very energetic. Possums can expression up just about any place on the gold coast.

Possums are violently local and are secure under the National Parks and wildlife act. Preventing possums you can search the entree point or points and slab the hole after the possum has evacuated the building.

Attainment entree to your Roof Cavity Requires you to find the access point or points and block the hole after the Possum has vacated the building.

Homemade Natural Possum Repellent

Use Cat or Dog Hair

Use Mothballs

Use Spice

Ammonia as a Deterrent


Sprinkle Method

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How much does possum removal cost?

Expect to pay a minimum of $ 225 for the following as a price indicator: Possible eviction from your residence. Repair the roof of the same level house with floored roof

What do you do with a dead possum in Sydney?

Dead wildlife facility's just over now. Preserve the animal ice-covered till tomorrow's service. Hiding animals should be suppressed to a depth of at least 45cm.

How do you get rid of possums in Sydney?

To promote Possum from the ceiling, place a light in the roof cavity and switch it on most days and nights (this can be prevented as they like to lie down in the dark). Alternatively, you can take a pass trick from Kennard's Hire. Some native councils also have rent traps.

Do Possums on the roof cause damage?

Persons who portion their houses with passers-by are heard walking around the roof cavity. ... They complain about sound and damage. Damage to the roof cavities, stains in the urine, and odors on the roof have been reported, and some people feel dying on the top.

Will possums attack humans?

Opossums are not usually violent or malicious but attack humans. Opposites fight back if they have to protect themselves and attack to protect their children.

How do you kill a possum quickly?

The best technique to suppress opossums with humanity is to shoot them in the head with a firearm such as a handgun or shotgun. The benefit of this way is that it kills the animal suddenly.