Points to Launch an On-Demand Multi-Service Platform Like Gojek:
Points to Launch an On-Demand Multi-Service Platform Like Gojek:
Gojek Clone is a multi-services platform for Taxi, Delivery, And Marketplace Businesses That Drives Growth And Attract Global Customers.

Points to Launch an On-Demand Multi-Service Platform Like Gojek:


Applications play a major role in dominating the world today, representing your business with an application helps to grow the business. This is because most people use smartphones today for their daily tasks.


The Idea to deliver all products and services through a single application acted as a seed to grow a multi-service application. Now, the application stands like a tree and provides customers with numerous services through a single application. They provide services like delivering foods, groceries, pharmacy items, alcohol, taxi, and handyman, etc in one domain.


Doorstep services will be given to the customer with a few taps on the mobile. Entrepreneurs can start a business that delivers all products as it gives more revenue compared to other applications. 


By reading this blog, you will come to know the points to launch an on-demand multi-service application that delivers all products which leads to a successful business. Let’s move on to the blog.


Why Gojek Clone is Needed?


People have a number of applications on their mobile which they use for getting various services. By providing multiple solutions with a single application for getting products and services reduces the usage of many applications.


Multi-Service Provider: 


The On-Demand Multi-service provider permits the user to send multiple parcels to single or multiple destinations. Here, the delivery partner picks the parcel and delivers it to the destination. From the nearby stores, the store-based delivery service helps the user to place on-demand delivery orders. The Gojek clone service covers groceries, food, pharmacy, alcohol, etc.


Service provider Availability: 


The Delivery script application provides a 24/7 delivery service, so we can order products anytime we want. The customers get satisfied as they can order products as they wish from anywhere and anytime.


Real-Time Tracking: 


The user need not worry about the delivery as they can track the live location of the driver. It also updates the status of the order. They can also contact the driver if there is any delay in the delivery.


Instant Payment: 


The application allows the customer to do their payment through multiple methods, the customer can pay by using a credit card, debit card, google pay, and other master cards. This makes the customer feel convenient to pay for the products they purchased. 


Points to Launch an On-Demand Service Application:


Multi-Service Template: 


Providing an application that can display all the products and services in a single application will help users not use multiple applications for getting products and services. This literally reduces the time that is wasted by stretching from one application to another. The multi-service template helps the user to get multi-services from a single application.


Toggle On/Off:


The toggle on/off option enables the delivery partner to show his availability. If the delivery partner is on another service or finished his service he can adjust the toggle options. This makes the user avoid unwanted issues and helps to provide hassle-free service. Once the Delivery partner is ready for providing service he can on the toggle to show his availability.




The GPS makes the user track their orders and delivery partner to reach their destination. The app also has an in-app chat/call option that helps the user to guide the delivery partner to reach the destination without any confusion. 


Multi-Currency Support:


As the application is used all around the world providing multi-currency support will be easy for the user to make their payment with their convenient method. There is an option for changing the currency according to the country to make users use this application in different parts of the world.


Summing Up


Each business is special in its own way, the delivery clone provides multiple services by using a single application. From this blog, you will come to know the points to launch an On-Demand Multi-service platform that delivers all products which lead to a successful business. For more details contact us at [email protected] or ping us at +91 6379630152.


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