Outdoor Event Signage
Outdoor Event Signage
Do you need outdoor event signage? Contact KiwiSign today for our products and recommendations for your event. Whether you need software or an outdoor-safe sign, we’ve got your back.

KiwiSign Digital Signage

Need outdoor event signage? KiwiSign hasgot you covered. We offer a variety of signage options that are perfect for theoutdoors. From our waterproof boards to our portable signage software options,you can use KiwiSign for all of your outdoor event signage needs.

What Makes Outdoor EventSignage Different?

Most outdoor events are temporary. For thisfact, you want your signage to be eye-catching enough to get the public’sattention, but you also want the signage to be portable and affordable. Afterall, the signage is going to be taken down once the event is over.

At the same time, you want your outdoorsignage to be durable and dependable. There’s no way to predict what theweather will be like for the day of the event. Get signs that will withstandany weather, so you don’t have to worry about damage to the system.

KiwiSign Software System

The KiwiSign software system is a greatoption for outdoor events that already have TVs or monitors. All you do iscreate the signage and upload it onto the Kiwi HDMI port. On the day of theevent, simply plug the HDMI stick into the port, and you have unique andportable signage on the go!

What makes this option so great for outdoorevents is that the stick is highly portable and convenient. You don’t have toworry about lugging around a big sign or anything else too cumbersome for aday’s event. Just a small stick!

KiwiSign Digital SignageSolutions

Looking to get a more permanent digitalsign to use at several outdoor events? KiwiSign provides digital signage thatis waterproof and outdoor-safe. We even make outside boards that you can use tomake announcements or showcase a menu.

Our digital signage options are uniquebecause they are both attractive and durable. We specifically craft our signsso that they look fresh and modern. Whether at a fair or rally, these displayswill stand out and cut through the competition.

At the same time, our displays are made tobe waterproof and weather resistant. Our waterproof displays are so durablethat they can be used as outdoor menus at permanent locations. This means thatyou can use our outdoor digital signage without worrying about costly damage.