A collector of nectars is a relatively recent method of dabbing. It is equipped with a straight line. And drinking from a Straw is very close. In short: the waxes and oils are primarily for smoking.

A collector of nectars is a relatively recent methodof dabbing. It is equipped with a straight line. And drinking from a Straw isvery close. In short: the waxes and oils are primarily for smoking.

The increase in popularity of cannabis concentrateand dabbing has customers searching for the most compact portable unit.Although wax and oil pens are available in a multitude of styles, Many cannabisfans don't deem them a complete substitution for a dab rig. One alternative isNectar Miners, promising the option to take a hit similar to a dab rig alongwith portability and convenience.

Sectionsof a Collector of Nectars

Silicone or glass straw: used to inhale vapor as amouthpiece

Titanium or quartz tip: it is heated close to a dabcomb, and then used to vaporize dabs

Silicon or glass dish: A dabs receptacle

Water chamber: Nectarcollector bubblers close to a bong give water percolation for a smootherdab

NectarCollectors profits primarily from productivity

One nectar collector's productivity is beyond words."Tip, dip, and pour" is the slogan. Just use those three techniquesto smoke your hash, wax, or focus. The nice news is thatyou don't lose much wax, so you can place the tip back in the concentrate untilyou heat it up.

Siliconeand glass are also options for a Nectar Collector

You may want to worry about the substance of it whenselecting a collector of nectars. Several would be made of glass and othersmade of silicone. They have advantages and downside but they both really dowork well. Also, they both have the same tip, dip, and sip process.


Glass is the most popular on the market today amongstall the nectar collectors. Not only is it the most esthetically pleasing withvarious nice designs but it usually tastes better as well. Glass is the mostfrequently used material on pipes because smoke and glass do not mix together.You will notice a sharp deterioration in the way your smoke tastes if you smokefrom an acrylic bong.

The bad part about having a glass is that becomingportable and mobile is getting harder. Glass is to break or shatter veryeasily. Although this depends on the thickness of the glass, it may breakstill. Having thicker glass does not necessarily mean that you are also off thehook. The thicker the glass you have, the heavier it weighs. Therefore this isanother downside to owning glass pipes.


Silicone is, in a good way, the newest materials,and one of the funkiest looking ones. They are much easier to use and arealmost unbreakable and indestructible. With it, you can go anywhere, and expectit not to break.

The best part about using a collector of silicone nectaris that you can store it in the freezer until it is ready to use. Silicone getsreally cold but your freezer won't actually freeze. The cold parts cool thesmoke down so the time it reaches your throat it is nice and cool.