Migration Challenges and How to Meet Them
Migration Challenges and How to Meet Them
Cloud computing is a critical component of digital transformation, especially now with the current work-from-home status most companies have adopted. Cloud has made even massive enterprises who traditionally worked out of on-premises IT environments, rethink their strategies. The goal now is not just to migrate to the cloud but become as native in applications and work-flows as possible.

Migration Challenges and How to Meet Them

Teleglobal’s extensive experience in cloud migration to various cloud models, such as public, and hybrid clouds is backed by The Teleglobal Migration Model, which uses agile methodologies for speedy and effective migrations. Our model has consistently been proven to yield desirable business outcomes, including:

  • Reduced IT operational costs, using the latest cloud technologies
  • Continuity in delivery of services to customers and employees, using the most effective cloud infrastructure and cloud native applications
  • Easy management of infrastructure and cost control over resources
  • Reduced risk of security breaches through tight security, in line with security compliances
  • Problem-free Data Center exit strategy that reduces financial challenges in the move from legacy data centres to the cloud

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