Master the art of lotion boxes with these 5 tips
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 Lotions are used by everyone irrespective of their age or gender. All lotions have different uses, but all of them need the best packaging. Packaging not only helps to protect the lotions but also helps to display them in the best way possible. However, if you are confused about designing your boxes, then read this out till the end. It will surely help you in understanding boxes better.

Using sturdy materials is vital

Whether a lotion is medicated or for any other purpose, it needs the best protection possible. IT should be kept safe from heat and sunlight. Moreover, the bottle should also be kept safe so that it does not break. For this purpose, many materials are available for lotion boxes.

Kraft material is a good choice for your boxes. It is an eco-friendly, biodegradable, and durable material. It is great for protecting your products as well as the environment. Moreover, it can be customized according to your requirements.

Cardstock, also known as cover stock, is one of the most used materials to make customs boxes. It is sturdy and inexpensive, excellent for keeping your lotions safe. Also, it is totally customizable. On the other hand, rigid material can also be used for wholesale lotion packaging. It is even thicker than cardstock and protects your lotions from sunlight, heat, and moisture.

Efficiency and style go together

Making your box attractive is necessary as it will help attract more customers. However, it is also essential to make your boxes easy to use. This is because people get frustrating if the packaging is not efficient and Especially if the box has to be used more than once. Thus, you should choose such a design that is alluring and efficient at the same time. 

Packaging companies offer a variety of designs for boxes. However, the designs mostly used for retail lotion boxes and hair extension boxes are tuck end boxes. They also have further types such as reverse tuck end and straight tuck end etc. Furthermore, there are many other designs that you can use as well, such as sleeve boxes and many more. You can easily customize the shape and sizes of these designs according to your requirements.

Not only can you select a design, but you can choose a suitable coating as well. Coatings are a good way to enhance the design of the box. These are the three main coatings you can choose from:

● Matte.

● Gloss.

● Spot UV.

Vibrant Printing Methods

This is true that the packaging of a product, including lotions, attracts and influences the customer. However, they make the final buying decision after reading the box. First of all, you should print the logo and brand name on cardboard lotion boxes. Secondly, you should add the following things:

● What can the lotion be used for?

● Any specific directions related to its use.

● Expiration date.

● The ingredients used in the lotion.

This information will help the customer decide if the lotion is suitable for his/her skin or not. In addition to this, you can also select the printing technique most suitable for you. Packaging companies offer the following different techniques:

● Offset printing.

● Flexography printing.

● Digital printing.

Keep your lotions safe

Lotions have to be shipped and delivered to many places. Moreover, people also keep them while traveling. Hence, by adding inserts, the safety of the packaging can be increased. Inserts will keep the lotions in place and avoid them from spilling as well. Thus, this will also decrease your losses as your lotions will not get damaged while deliveries. Moreover, it will also increase customer satisfaction. Cardboard, paper, and punch inserts are mostly used in wholesale printed lotion boxes. However, you can choose any other insert you think is better for your boxes.

Eye-Pleasing customizations to make your boxes even better

Choosing a good color combination is a remarkable way to make your boxes attractive. You can either choose one solid color for a minimalistic look or choose different colors

. Moreover, you can also print colorful pictures on the custom cosmetic boxes. you can also select a color model of your choice for your kraft lotion boxes and cosmetic boxes. You can choose from the following:

● CMYK: It uses four basic colors; cyan, magenta, yellow and black to make further colors. It is an inexpensive color model.

● PMS: The Pantone Matching System uses separate color codes. It is relatively more expensive than CMYK.

Furthermore, you can also include add-ons in your customized lotion boxes wholesale. Add-ons can make your basic customizations even better. For instance, you can use embossing or deboss for printing the brand name on the boxes. Also, you can use foil stamping for the logo or any other picture included in your designs. Moreover, you can make your design even more elegant by including die-cutting and PVC windows. Window boxes are the best way to showcase your product. Thus, by including these add-ons, you can make your boxes more enticing and alluring. 

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UrgentBoxes is a US-based packaging company with solutions for all your packaging needs. They offer the best quality services at affordable rates. Also, they manufacture one of the most elegant and efficient custom lotion boxes. Furthermore, they offer free delivery all over the United States of America. Thus, UrgentBoxes is a great choice for packaging your lotions.

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