Mag wheels wellington
The Wheel Magician offers mobile mag and alloy wheel repairs across New Zealand including in Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington. We repair cosmetic kerb damage on car wheels as well as wheels on motorbikes, vans, utes and boat trailors.

Getting a wheel repair service in Auckland or anywhere else in New Zealand has never been easier as we come to you. So, if you’re looking for a mobile kerbed wheel repair service, contact us.

Mag wheels wellington

Now it is worth your time to call around and see which companies will give you the best deal. In addition, you want a contractor that provides a warranty for their services. Mag wheel can be done without having to remove the wheel from your auto. The technician will first wash the wheel completely to make certain that all damage is visible. Next, a specific grinder is used to take out the scratched and dented places on the wheel. An epoxy is then mixed up and smoothed into the spots where the grinding was done. After the epoxy hardens, the mag wheels wellington will actually wind up stronger than it was before repair work was started. Once the epoxy has set and dried thoroughly, the contractor will sand the spots so that they are completely even. Two layers of paint primer are then applied to make sure the surface of the wheel is ready for repainting.

When the mag wheel is painted, you won't even be able to tell that the repair was performed. That is how good the technicians are at their work. Check out some before and after pictures on-line and you will see just how effective this type of repair work is. Mag wheels wellington is a great way to have them looking great again. It is hassle-free because the mobile repair specialists can come to your office or home. You do not have to take your auto to a repair facility. The costs for such a service are inexpensive and will save you money. Lastly, the wheel is sturdier than it was beforehand. So long as you select mag wheel refurbishment company with experienced technicians, you will be very surprised at the how wonderful your wheels look. A lot of people love their cars to death, this usually makes them very meticulous about the appearance of their cars and as much as possible they try to avoid any instances where their car may be prone to getting dents or scratches. 

Probably anyone with a car share that same feeling of wanting their car to be at its most glorious appearance, and any dent or scratch, no matter how small, can possibly lower its radiance. Well, cars are after all usually very expensive, so it's understandable why some car owners exaggerate how much they car for their cars. They would try to do anything to avoid getting a single scratch on their most beloved car having mag wheels wellington. But, things happen, and overtime the car will eventually be suspect to those de-beautifying scratches. So, the car owner will have no other choice but go to some car shop to repair whatever damage was done. Any car part is, of course, prone to scratches and dents. One car part that's not really very prone but still pretty much exposed to those kinds of damages is the mag wheel. To those not familiar with car parts or are fairly new to it, the mag wheels wellington is that round metal plate within the rubber wheel that's connected to the part of the car where it makes the wheel turn. 

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